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Comment Why not read the number on the RFID chip? (Score 1) 27

I might be missing the point but in the RFID access system I've seen the RFID only contains a number.

So to clone it, put a reader in the close vicinity and just record the cards.

In addition, all the access readers (magnetic strip or RFID) ALL have tripwire to detect if they are opened.

As for hotwiring the lock, any decent installer will make sure that the wires are NOT accessible from the outside.


Comment Re:How many years could he be charged with? (Score 0) 299

Will you guys stop this nonsense?

He will NOT be deported to the US by us.
Mostly, he hasn't been charged with ANYTHING in the US!
If he would, it cannot be a capital offence since Sweden will NOT send anyone anywhere if they face a death penalty.

He lived over a year in a country with much more ties to the US _without_ being set on a one-way plane:
The UK

One also wonders why someone that has stated fears that a ???-acronym will tempt him with women offering sex couldn't keep it in his pants?


Comment Re:Russia (Score 5, Insightful) 417

Ah... so many errors.... Where do I begin?

Sweden and Finland has nuclear reactors. Neither has nuclear weapons.

I would hardly say that Russia has fixed anything. Just recently they invaded the Ukraine.

See above. What in that event was rescuing?

Very true! And it goes both ways......

True as well! But that doesn't mean that there is no blame on Russia. (Well, I do mean the government, not all the people)


Comment Re: Public transit (Score 1) 389

As only in Sweden and I think Chile, risk capital ventures can own schools and they are not obligaded to reinvest the profit.

The ever perpetual Swedish notion that always "be best in class and play by the rules".
Trouble is that no-one else is playing by the rules......

That's why we had a large school company that just said: "We don't make enough money. We'll shutdown business"
The unfortunate pupils where left for the municipality to sort out.

Hence the notion of far right wing idea compared to the US.


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