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Comment Re:Umm No (Score 1) 374

It is his money and he can do whatever he wants with it. He wanted Mir, and Mir would be OSS software. Good. We, in the Linux community, like pluralism. If he had finished it, I would try it and maybe I would use it. I certainly use Unity and I like it. I might be in the minority, but I don't harm anyone using it.
Nobody forces you to use Mir, Unity or Ubuntu. And if you use Ubuntu, it is for free. I don't understand the hate.
It seems that AC has this favorite project Wayland, and wants to force others to spend their money on what AC likes, and not what they like.

Comment Bad news (Score 1) 386

I am sorry to hear this. Unity is a desktop I like to play with, browse some sites, make a documents and so on. It is something different than KDE and Gnome and it adds to the plurality of Linux. The majority of /.ers didn't like it, but we will all be poorer without it.
And, no, I don't have the resources or the expertise to take it over. I will probably switch to KUbuntu.

Submission + - Is Scala worthwhile?

Qbertino writes: Scala is one of the JVM languages that manages to maintain a hip and professional vibe at the same time. One reason for this probably being that Scala was built by people who knew what they were doing. It has been around for a few years now in a mature form and I got curious about it a few years back.
My question to the slashdot community:
Is getting into Scala worthwhile from a practical/industry standpoint or is it better to just stick with Java?
Have you done larger, continuous multi-year, multi-man and mission-critical applications in Scala and what are your experiences?
Is Scala there to stay wherever it is deployed and used in real-world scenarios or are there pitfalls and cracks showing up that would deter you from using Scala once again?
And, perhaps equally important, do you have to be a CS/math genius to make sense of Scala and use it correctly?
Your educated opinion is required. Thanks.

Comment Re:Suborbital? (Score 1) 76

Give the man a break. He does not spend his money in private jets; he uses it to follow his dream about space. He has done incredible work, reusing suborbital rocket 4 times. He is of the mentality to do one thing at time, to make slow and steady progress. Which is fine as far as I am concerned.
And don't forget that he has a contract to build a rocket engine for the ULA. I don't think that the people in ULA are idiots, they are reasonably certain that Bezos will build the engine.
Ok, Musk has accomplished more, but who knows who will prevail at the end.

Comment Re:Too much ambition, too fast? (Score 2) 289

Yes, at first I was also worried. But then I RTFA and Musk does not say he is going anywhere else (than Mars). From what I gathered, he just wanted a new name for his Mars Colonial Transporter. Someone in Twitter suggested Millennium Falcon and Musk said that he loved the suggestions. The name Musk chose, Interplanetary Transport System, IMO is more formal something like NASA's SLS (Space Launch System). And notice that "Colonial" is missing in the new name. Maybe, just maybe, Musk is trying to scale down his ambitions, not scale them up.

Comment Re:Long-Time Linux Household (Score 1) 316

Is it?
A friend of mine got her win7 computer to the repair shop, cause it wouldn't run Skype. They just reinstalled windows and billed her for 20 or 30 euros.
The same can be done with linux.
Unless if you imply I, or anyone else, should waste my time trying to find what's wrong with her windows box for free.

South Korea Plans Moon Landing By 2020 ( 74

MarkWhittington writes: The Korean Herald has reported that the South Korean Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning has started a lunar exploration program, allocating funding to place a probe in orbit around the moon and a small lander and rover on the surface of the moon by 2020. The United States and the government of South Korea have also made a space cooperation agreement, fueling speculation that NASA will participate in the South Korean moon shot.

Comment Re:details, details (Score 1) 91

Except that if it were a passenger plane, it took off, landed, delivered passengers and luggage to their destinations (pilots too), took off again, landed to an airport in the middle of the desert, stopped, engines off, then some gear failed, it fell, then caught fire, and exploded.
It DOES count when and where it goes boom. If it had exploded when it took of it would have been a disaster, now it is a minor nuisance.

Comment Re:Even if we solved all of them... (Score 1) 349

OK. My colleague still uses Windows. After less than a year since the latest reinstall, the computer takes 5 minutes to boot. It takes ages to load firefox. It is barely usable. I told her I have to reinstall Windows again and she has to backup all her files as we have done before. It is a nuisance (her words). I told her that she will not have any problems with Linux (word processing, internet, email, some web applications, nothing more). No, she stays with the nuisance (her words), than try something else.
Another colleague of mine bought a x86 based tablet running windows. He wanted it so that he could run an application we were developing in Java. It never worked. I told him it would be easy to port the Java application in Android since it is based on Java (well Dalvik), all we had to do was to change the UI (6 menus with 3 to 8 items on each menu). He refused to try anything but windows.
OK. It seems obvious if Windows want to expand to other users, they should not piss off those users with stupid "little" issues.

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