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South Korea Plans Moon Landing By 2020 ( 74

MarkWhittington writes: The Korean Herald has reported that the South Korean Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning has started a lunar exploration program, allocating funding to place a probe in orbit around the moon and a small lander and rover on the surface of the moon by 2020. The United States and the government of South Korea have also made a space cooperation agreement, fueling speculation that NASA will participate in the South Korean moon shot.

Comment Re:details, details (Score 1) 91

Except that if it were a passenger plane, it took off, landed, delivered passengers and luggage to their destinations (pilots too), took off again, landed to an airport in the middle of the desert, stopped, engines off, then some gear failed, it fell, then caught fire, and exploded.
It DOES count when and where it goes boom. If it had exploded when it took of it would have been a disaster, now it is a minor nuisance.

Comment Re:Even if we solved all of them... (Score 1) 349

OK. My colleague still uses Windows. After less than a year since the latest reinstall, the computer takes 5 minutes to boot. It takes ages to load firefox. It is barely usable. I told her I have to reinstall Windows again and she has to backup all her files as we have done before. It is a nuisance (her words). I told her that she will not have any problems with Linux (word processing, internet, email, some web applications, nothing more). No, she stays with the nuisance (her words), than try something else.
Another colleague of mine bought a x86 based tablet running windows. He wanted it so that he could run an application we were developing in Java. It never worked. I told him it would be easy to port the Java application in Android since it is based on Java (well Dalvik), all we had to do was to change the UI (6 menus with 3 to 8 items on each menu). He refused to try anything but windows.
OK. It seems obvious if Windows want to expand to other users, they should not piss off those users with stupid "little" issues.

Comment Re:Even if we solved all of them... (Score 1) 349

They do not support their older hardware. For example in my job we still use an NVIDIA card of 2006 era (I don't remember which exactly). When I installed the latest version of OpenSuSE one year ago, the proprietary driver did not support it. I switched to Nouveau and never had any problem (perhaps because I don't play 3D games). I have a modern desktop with the latest software in older hardware. Good luck with windows.
Open Source

Busybox Deletes Systemd Support 572

ewhac writes: On 22 October, in a very terse commit message, Busybox removed its support for the controversial 'systemd' system management framework. The commit was made by Denys Vlasenko, and passed unremarked on the Busybox mailing lists. Judging from the diffs, system log integration is the most obvious consequence of the change.

Comment Windows 10 also works fast as long as .... (Score 3, Interesting) 405

The result is surprising to say the least, as installation not only went impressively fast but Windows 10 also works fast as long as you’re not launching a very demanding app such as Photoshop.
My wife's very same netbook runs GIMP, LibreOffice, Firefox and video player concurrently and well under SuSE 13.1
Oh, and under Win7 it takes ages to boot (you do have an antivirus, right?), so I will take the story with a grain of salt or two.

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