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Comment Re:#BlackLivesMatter (Score 3, Informative) 983

Here's the source of the DoJ stat:

Unfortunately, there aren't really any consistent and nation-wide statistics on the race of people killed by police (no national database with consistent reporting), but here are some stats: (Table 5, pg 22)
2003-2009, 2011: whites make up a bigger percentage (47.8%) of deaths than blacks (28.4%)
2015: 990 people shot by police. 494 (49.9%) white, 258 (26.1%) black, 172 (17.4%) hispanic, 38 other, 28 unknown
2016 so far: 509 total. 238 (46.8%) white, 123 (24.2%) black
we are 190 days into this year, which is a leap year (190/366 ... 52% through the year)
If you forward-project based on the current average, there will be 978 police shootings in 2016, 458 white and 237 black
The Guardian has different numbers: 569 total. 279 whites. 137 black
If you use per-million numbers: 3.25 blacks/million, 1.41 whites/million

Comment Potatoes? (Score 1) 104

Do they not watch Mythbusters? If nothing else, Mythbusters has taught me that pigs are awesome human body analogues. least better than sacks of potatoes. That being said, potatoes would be easier to strap into the seats than a bunch of living (or dead) pigs. better smelling too.

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