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Comment Re:Revert to 1990s control of encryption (Score 1) 296

Once encryption is reclassified as a weapon, it could be done. Don't think for a minute, that this will protect you for a minute. Software "rendition" can be done overseas in locations where USA law does not apply. When companies have to comply with governments such as PRC, etc. with full access to customer phone, data, etc., there is no privacy. There is only the illusion of privacy. This is all legal maneuvering by Apple so it can legally not comply with USA govt requests. It would then be done elsewhere. Imagine if you wanted to sell product in PRC, you would have to comply with PRC govt requests.

Comment Apple already breaking encryption for PRC (Score 1) 296

Don't think for a minute that you have privacy with iPhone. Apple only wants to be able to legally say no to requests from USA govt. In Peoples Republic of China, Apple must comply, or they cannot do business there. Tech companies must provide PRC with source code (under SLA), just as Microsoft did with Windows.

Comment Revert to 1990s control of encryption (Score 4, Interesting) 296

One thing the govt can always do, whether we like it or not, is revert to the control of encryption that was common in the 1990s and earlier. They could, by law, restrict encryption for export, etc. One reason Apple should not push to hard, but then again Apple has no problem providing all kinds of decryption support in China.

Comment Re:Technology Paradox (Score 1) 226

That is correct. My team in CA was laid off last year, but location in GA and Bangalore were kept. These latter 2 locations were new. While there were no new positions in CA, new positions were created in GA and Bangalore. This was a bit demoralizing as you knew what was going on, even when management/upper management did not reveal their plans. They did not want us to leave while we cross-trained new team members in the 2 locations. The important thing is to be aware of things around you and to stay ahead of the game.

Comment Re: Kids (Score 2) 226

Trains have not evolved. Too much is wasted on high speed trains, like we see overseas in Japan and Europe, but what the US needs is high speed freight trains. We have too many people driving trucks across the country. Trucks should be more local ... local to the train hub end point. Big rigs also tear up the road, which is expensive to maintain. Hyperloop would also be good. Not sure if hyperloop is better for people or freight or both.

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