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Comment Re:No TV dinners (Score 2, Interesting) 252

You're not thinking clearly. You gauge how long stuff lasts and shop accordingly. For example, you buy half-gallons of milk instead of full gallons, because the gallon would go past date before you could use it up. Or maybe you're a big milk drinker and won't have that problem. The same goes for eggs; there are quite a few sizes, and they don't last all that long. So if you run out too quick, you buy more the next time you're at the store. Things like lettuce and other fresh vegetables need to be eaten within a few days or a week. So the lettuce can be used three days in a row, for hamburgers, BLTs, and then taco salad. The tomato gets used for the hamburgers and BLTs. If you have celery sticks, within a week you need to use the remaining ones in chicken soup. Sure, it takes more thinking than throwing processed slop in the microwave and chowing down, but you ARE eating healthier food.
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Journal Journal: Wow...

Extremely long time since my last entry.

I've been busy, of course. Been trying to draw up a new mechanical scheme for the USB webcam mount, and have a lot of parts for the CNC:
(3) bipolar Crouzet stepper motors
(1) WinSystems LBC-586 single-board computer
(1) 510MB laptop hard disk and adapter for the SBC
(15) UDN2954 full-bridge PWM control chips
(1) long heat sink big enough for six of the power chips
(1) roto-zip style cutout tool...very high speed, we'll see if i

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Journal Journal: C'mon Wall Street!

I'm watching the stock market with interest, and have been for the last year or two.

It feels like once the Dow cracks 10,000 again, I'll get a job. Maybe that's illogical. But until then, I'll keep punching out the resumes and working my temp job.

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