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Comment Re:And $3B later... (Score 2) 102

it will either work poorly, or will be scrapped.

Only $3B? Like most government programs, it will run horribly over-budget, so maybe $7B by the time they are done.
Of course, it will also work properly around 50% of the time. For the 50% wrong side, you should prepare (mentally at least) to be nabbed for something you had nothing to do with.
Yes, you, that wheelchair-bound old white guy in Florida, will be mobbed by the SWAT teams from 17 ThreeLetterAgencies at 4AM, and arrested at gunpoint if you aren't executed.... er...... mistakenly shot 84 times. It doesn't matter that they are looking for Juan Valdez for a bank robbery in Oregon.

After public outcry over the "little whoopsie", congress will authorize another $5B to over-haul the system, as well as extend the invasive measures to ensure those mistakes don't happen again.

Don't forget, this system is not meant to harass normal upstanding citizens, only to help catch bad guys. Kinda like how DHS is just protecting us, and the PATRIOT Act is just for our own protection.

And whether or not it works has nothing to do with it's continued use. It's a huge payday for so many people it will never go away. After being such a huge money-sucker, it will be too embarrassing to kill it and admit to wasting so much cash.

Comment Re:Well, for one thing.. (Score 1) 518

I couldn't agree more with this.

There are many other OSs that my computer could be running, but I know how to make it run something other than Windows. I know many people who think they are "computer savvy" but they think even trying a LiveCD of Ubuntu is too hard and scary.

For the 1% of people who are comfortable installing and running the OS of their choice, installing the OS is fine. Otherwise, it had better come from the manufacturer, preloaded.

Now the horrible car analogy... Even though you can replace the engine and transmission in your car, choosing from a wide array of options, how many people will really do so? Even if the labor aspect was not there, most people will never do so. It came with the car, and it will stay there forever. If it breaks, it will be replaced with a new version of what was there in the first place.
Same with the OS.

Submission + - Would you fight your own software patent?

ingo23 writes: Everybody knows that the Slashdot crowd just loves the software patents. If not the patents, what would you rant about? Now imagine this — at work you are developing a piece of some cool software. And one day your employer decides to file a patent for it naming you as an inventor. Would you gladly accept the honor or would you get on a soap box and stir up a little revolt against software patents?

Microsoft Gives In To the EU 161

An anonymous reader writes with word that Redmond Developer News is reporting that Microsoft has given in to EU threats of further fines. The company has opened up a whole host of protocols, including the Exchange protocol, under a license, the terms of which are not known. No other news outlet has picked up this story so far.

NFL Caught Abusing the DMCA 357

Implied Oral Consent writes "You know how the NFL puts up those notices before every game saying 'This telecast is copyrighted by the NFL for the private use of our audience, and any other use of this telecast or of any pictures, descriptions or accounts of the game without the NFL's consent is prohibited?' Well, Ars Technica is reporting that Wendy Seltzer thought that that was over-reaching and posted a video of the notice on YouTube. Predictably, the NFL filed a DMCA Take Down notice on the clip. But Ms. Seltzer knows her rights, so she filed a DMCA Counter Notice. This is when the NFL violated the DMCA, by filing another Take Down notice instead of taking the issue to court — their only legitimate option, according to the DMCA. Unfortunately for the NFL, Ms. Seltzer is a law professor, an EFF lawyer, and the founder of Chilling Effects. Oops!"
United States

Journal Journal: Hooray P-I, Boo Times 3

John Popper of Blues Traveler was arrested for pot possession. But almost every article out there makes it sound like he was arrested for gun possession, or that the gun possession was somehow legally significant.

Kudos to the Seattle P-I for not putting the guns in the lead or headline, and for clearly stating the charges are only for the drugs and driving.

Linux Business

Submission + - Britain to become Open Source Leader in Europe

An anonymous reader writes: "Shadow Chancellor George Osborne has promised that an incoming Conservative government would create a level playing field for open source software in the UK, in a move which could save taxpayers more than £600 million a year. In a speech at the Royal Society of Arts, he also announced the appointment of Mark Thompson, of the Judge Business School at Cambridge University, to advise the Party on how to make Britain the open source leader in Europe."

Merchant Republics of Cyberspace 133

In their book Sovereign Individual: Mastering the Transition To the Information Age, authors James Davidson and Lord William Rees-Mogg predict the inevitable rise of merchant republics in cyberspace, functioning largely beyond the control or taxing powers of nation-states. A few years ago, this might have seemed loopy; today it seems almost inevitable. (Note: Second in a series.)

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