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Comment Re:follow (Score 1) 212

This also applies to Fracking

(universities being the objective, independent source of research results)

Oh, Rly? See This American Life from July 8th this year for an example of the opposite.
It seems like many universities (in this case Penn State) are more or less dependent on continuing economic support from "benefactors" in the gas industry and are stifling dissenters.

Comment Re:Like the polls (Score 2, Interesting) 337

So they can rent a 10$ a month server in Tonga, install utorrent on it and stream the downloaded stuff via VPN with 100mbps?

Or just do as many I know, buy an account at a commercial Usenet host with SSL tunneling support and no logging, and just leech on..

Also, it is no surprise the traffic volume drops if people just grab what they need from usenet instead of keep seeding torrents for foreign peers to maintain quotas on regtrackers.

Comment the so called "anti-piracy agency"... (Score 2, Informative) 337

Just to clarify - Sweden does NOT have an government agency for dealing with intellectual property crime!
The "anti-piracy agency" referred to by the article is just the direct translation of the name "Antipiratbyrån", a private organization with the stated aim to "protect the rights of the artists and publishers".

The Antipiratbyrån is more like the infamous US company MediaDefender, doing the hands-on dirty work of the MPAA/RIAA special interest organizations.

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