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Comment Re:Busy databases (Score 2) 464

Couple of corrections. HA (high availability) works without vCenter, if a host running vCenter dies HA will restart it on another host like any other VM. A vDS will continue to function you just can't connect VMs to the distributed switch. Lastly vCenter Heartbeat has been around for at least a year and can run in a few configurations. You can run it with two VMs (active/passive), maybe on different hosts/data stores or even buildings. You can also run it with the active vCenter on a physical machine that'll failover to a VM if need be.


Submission + - Gmail offers AIM Chat ability through Open AIM (

protobion writes: "Gmail chat now offers the option to sign in to your AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) account to chat with your AIM buddies from Gmail. Your AIM buddies will populate your Contacts list, and are searchable just like your Google Talk contacts.Chatting with your AIM buddies is easy — just click on a name in your chat list, and start typing. Note that an AIM account is required to use this feature. AIM in Gmail is not a Google Talk and AIM federation; it's the ability to sign in to your AIM messaging account from Gmail. Gmail uses Open AIM to provide this feature."

Submission + - Does SPF really work?

Intelopment writes: "My Domain name has recently been used a lot as the REPLY field by some inconsiderate spammer and my ISP has suggested that I consider using the Open SPF service ( as a way to stop spammers from using my domain name for their REPLY field. From what I can tell it requires the receiving mail server to actually participate in the SPF service, which is where I get my doubts. Does anyone have any experience with this service? Does it work? Are many ISPs using openSFP?"

Submission + - US two steps away from Dictatorship?

carlmenezes writes: 1. A "Catastrophic Emergency", 2. Execute National Continuity Policy
The President will then have absolute control. Is this not effectively a dictatorship? Why was this not passed through congress? Why did it not receive the press coverage it deserves?

Submission + - Longhorn resurrects

javipas writes: "On August 2004 Microsoft announced at WinHEC that they would abandon their Longhorn project line in order to accomplish the estimated release date of 2006 for what we know now as Vista. That day the original Longhorn — with capabilities such as WinFS — died, but a recent initiative called The Longhorn Reloaded Project has resurrected this operating system. A modified build called "Longhorn Reloaded M1" is available through torrent clients, and the developers even offer the serial key to proceed with the installation. At the moment Microsoft has not decided to stop this, and the people behind the project are working hard to move to the next iteration, LRM2."

Submission + - VT fallout affecting asian students already?

GodInHell writes: The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that charges have been filed against an 18 year old high school senior of Asian decent for using violent imagery in a creative writing essay.

"Lee said Thursday he was "completely shocked'' to be arrested Tuesday for his essay, especially because written instructions told kids not to "censor'' what they wrote." "[T]he father would not comment on whether he believed authorities acted quickly because his son is of Asian heritage, as was the Virginia Tech campus shooter."

Can we arrest Quentin Tarantino for the same crime? He's certainly written a few hyper-violent stories.

Dell Refunds Vista/Works With Two Emails 277 writes "Although many people have asked for pre-installed Linux, and Dell seems to have listened, some still think that buying a naked PC won't be easy. But what about stripping it naked after you buy it? I managed to get Windows Vista (and a bit more) refunded from Dell Germany last week. The process was surprisingly simple: 1) After delivery, ask Dell Support for refund by email. 2) ??? 3) Refund!!! Read the full email conversation in the original German or my English translation. For the impatient reader: The refund is €77.54 for Windows Vista Home Basic plus Works 8.0 (that is 15% of the total amount I paid). The whole process took 2 emails, 2 more to say thank you, and less than 48 hours. The money is already in my account. Kudos to Dell Customer Care (esp. 'Veronika') for being efficient and customer-oriented!"

Submission + - Accounts Compromised

An anonymous reader writes: There is a cross-site scripting vulnerbility on the registration page of popular social networking site The hole allows cookies and sessions of logged-in users to be hijacked, compromising the account. The exploit can be triggered simply by a user clicking a maliciously-crafted link. A full explanation and sample exploit code is available here

Submission + - The mystery of vitamin B12 finally solved

Roland Piquepaille writes: "You probably think that scientists know everything about the common and essential vitamin B12, the only vitamin synthesized by soil microbes. In fact, one part of this biosynthesis has puzzled researchers for at least 50 years. But now, MIT and Harvard biologists have solved this vitamin puzzle by discovering that a single enzyme known as BluB synthesizes the vitamin. So what is the next challenge for the researchers? It's to discover why the soil microorganisms synthesize the vitamin B12 at all, because neither them — nor the plants they're attached to — need it to live. Read more for additional references and a picture of BluB."

Submission + - Microsoft owns up to Xbox Live pretexting

jcatcw writes: "Reports of account theft on Xbox Live have been making the rounds of its member forums since at least December. Microsoft yesterday finally admitted that the service's support staff is at fault — victims of "pretexting." But Microsoft responded only after noted security researcher — Kevin Finisterre of "Month of Apple Bugs" fame — last week went public about how his account was hijacked."

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