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Comment Re:Wifi B/G can't cut it. (Score 1) 259

We had a "free" wifi rollout in our small community of Hermosa Beach but it has stalled recently. The mayor announced the plan with great fanfare and lots of controversy 4 years ago. It has been a long, slow and painful process and only covers about 20% of city residents. Supposedly the ~ $150k costs would be paid with advertising - the location and specifics of this advertising were never clearly documented.

Limited and unreliable access is only available in the main business district. This project has garnered the city a lot of publicity, and with a bit more support and leadership it could still be a success someday

Comment Re:The A-12 is better known as the SR-71 (Score 4, Interesting) 208

This video about the secret history of silicon valley explains some of the technology behind electronic warfare, radar imaging, and secret air force planes. The content relevant to this article appears around the 30min mark.

E.T. believers will find nothing interesting, however military computer geeks will find it orgasmic.


Journal Journal: New York Proposes Open Source Tax Credit

State tax bill to provide a tax credit for open source software:

Provides a maximum $200 tax credit for taxpayer expenses associated with the development of open source and free software license programs.


Submission + - Web Testing Framework Windmill 1.0 Almost Done (

VonGuard writes: "I just wrote up an interview I conducted with Michael Rogers and Adam Christian, two of the core developers behind Windmill. They're getting close to finishing up version 1.0 of this open source Web testing framework. For those of you familiar with Selenium, Windmill is quite similar, with some definite differences. For one thing, it's easier to debug applications using Windmill, and tests can be written in JavaScript, Python and C. But Rogers and Christian seem even more enthusiastic about the fact they their team is easily available for questions either through email or on IRC, something they said is lacking on the Selenium project. Rogers was hired earlier this year to work on Windmill full time for Mozilla."

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