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Comment Already have a monitor... (Score 1) 163

The iMac is really cool, sleek, pretty, minimal, yeah... but many pros I know already have monitors they like. How about a little love for their other desktops (mini and Pro)! I'd also wager that most "pros" aren't, in general, people with white offices and squeaky clean desks on which art-like computers sit.

And keep your confounded sticky fingers off my screen!

Otherwise, yeah, a long-time Mac user drifting away from the fold. Then again, there aren't many systems left that aren't larded with proprietary sh** that fubars something in Linux. And Windows is not to be abided.

... grumble, grumble, grumble, mutter, mutter, Millenium... Hand... Shrimp, I tol' 'em, I tol' 'em.

Comment Reviews? Who cares! (Score 1) 104

Who pays any attention to the reviews anyhow? Unless they're extremely low, I get most of my info off sites (iTunes Store OR Google Pay), then just check to see the app hasn't been absolutely panned. And I routinely hit the cancel button when bothered for a review.

When nominally essential apps (e.g. Facebook, etc.) are hitting 3-4, but everyone has them, that should tell you something.

Comment Re:Is it just me... (Score 1) 106

It's just you, and everyone else who thinks that anything less than 1600 pixels with a readable font size of 12 is enough resolution in the vertical. Fits my screen with room to spare! :-) {Insert rant about useless netbooks and web pages with WAYY too much frippery here; mutter, mutter, mutter}

Comment Missing the point of TFA (Score 1) 111

All the commenters above seem to think it's useless. The market is clearly saying that there are more people who have a use for it than there are Pi Zeros available. Raspberry may be guilty of poor market planning and the zero may not be useful to some people, but it darned sure seems to have surplus demand.

Me? I'm looking at the hacks that allow me to solder an old wifi dongle to it, or the one that lets me run it on Power-Over-Ethernet (yes, different applications, although wouldn't it be cool?!).

Comment Re: Think? (Score 1, Troll) 522

"The highway works as long as nobody drives on it?!"

More than 80% of their speed, more than 90% of the time. So, let's say that 10% of the time it was at or below 80%. Now let's say that a day has 24 hours. So only 2.4 (call it 2) hours of the day was the connection more than 20% below advertised, possibly much more. Now let's say that that occurs when EVERYONE IS USING IT. The system fails under peak load, i'e. when it's being used. So most users will experience failure.

Would you accept internet that is completely nonfunctional from 6-8PM every day? That satisfies your criterion above.

It's not like nobodies using the system when it's down. The system is down because it's being used. This is not an acceptable failure mode.

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