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Comment Great idea! (Score 2, Insightful) 818

Every single President, Vice President, Senator, Congressman, soldier, police officer and Raytheon investor who thinks this is a great new "tool" for crowd control should be strapped to a table and subjected to a mandatory 60 second blast from this fucking thing. Let them fully understand, in the most visceral of terms, what this abomination means.

Seriously. This thing scares me more than nuclear weapons. At least with a nuke, you would be turned to your constituent atoms quicker than your nerves could react. With this "pain ray" Corporations and governments could exert complete control over their populations. Dipshit "America firsters" will try to get this set up on the borders to keep out all the "brown people"

Then there is the little matter that these are most likely considerably easier to create than nukes. Something a well financed terrorist could conceivably come up with in a couple of years and you have the perfect terror weapon. They wouldn't need to do it to people in Times Square. They could just camp out a half a mile from the runway of any major airport and cook the pilots when the planes are taking off. Presto! Instant coordinated air distasters at every major airport in the U.S simultaneously.

The humunculi who think up and fund these things should just be loaded into a space ship blasted into the fucking sun.

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