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Comment I trust 'war nerd' only. (Score 2) 448

When it comes to war and its strategy I trust the in depth reporting 'war nerd' only and he published a very nice article few years back 'Hi-Tech Toys vs Fanged Vermin' and the conclusion is that powerful high-tech weapons are not that much useful in urban warfare.

Submission + - If Bill Gates were black (

cute_orc writes: John Hope Bryant fonder and chairman of HOPE wants to increase the number of black entrepreneurs across America. He writes that if Bill Gates was black there would have a lot fewer Ferguson, Missouri-type challenges. He even claims that frustrated young Palestinians throw rocks at Israelis because they have nothing else to do and compares it with what happened in Ferguson, Missouri. He also claims that drug dealers and illegal union founders are actually genius and they do so because of lack of business role models and environment.

Submission + - Flesh-eating worms invades woman's ear. (

cute_orc writes: A British tourist who went to Peru returned with weird symptoms like scratching sounds, unexplained discharge from one ear, headache and pain. It turned out that her ear was filled with flesh eating worms. Surgeons succeeded removing it.

Submission + - Hubble Spies a Blue Planet (Not Earth) (

astroengine writes: As far as planets go, HD 189733b, a giant, sizzling Jupiter-like world that swoops around its parent star every 2.2 days, couldn’t be more different from Earth. But the planet, located 63 light-years away in the constellation Vulpecula (the Fox), has one feature that is familiar: it’s blue. “Our best guess is that the color is due to a combination of reflection by silicate clouds and absorption by sodium atoms,” astronomer Frederic Pont, with the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom, wrote in an email to Discovery News. “Other factors may be photochemical aerosols — i.e. smog — and absorption by other atoms or molecules than sodium,” though presently are no specific candidates.”

Submission + - Japanese artist makes better art in Execl than others can do with Photoshop ( 3

cute_orc writes: MS Excel is notorious for being a boring spreadsheet applications. But 73 years old Japanese artist Tatsuo Horiuchi makes amazing art using autoshape tool of Excel. He makes free-form shapes spanning multiple cells and join them together in into a huge image. His artwork is really amazing and beautiful.

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