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Comment Re:that's nice (Score 1) 309

I just love that "conspiracy theory" automatically makes anyone who thinks there is something wrong with the official story some sort of fruitcake or worse.

I'm glad you agree!

Once upon a time, the official story was that the universe was created in a week or something like that.

Right. And then one day, a bunch of college dropouts made a crappy video which claimed that the universe was actually a giant conspiracy by the Illuminati, the NWO, and the Jooos. In reality, we're all living in an online world - a Matrix, if you will - while our eeeevil Zionist Space Lizard overlords harvest our true bodies for organs and nutrients. Ever since that day, we've known the TRUTH!

There are definitely some weird things about the official story that just don't seem to work well with reality as we know it.

It's not WHAT you question, but HOW you question it that matters. For instance, I have no problem with people questioning the theory of evolution - but when you start telling me that the Perfect Shape of the Banana proves that evolution never happened, I'm going to write you off as a complete moron. Likewise, 9/11 conspiracy theorists have shown by their actions that they are mostly either crazy, stupid, ignorant, delusional, or some combination of the four. There may be a few rational, informed, and intelligent ones out there .... but I've yet to meet any.

I think we need a counter-term for conspiracy theory... one that suggests an equal level of folly for believing everything that people in positions of authority tells us.

Anyone who dismisses conspiracy theorists on those grounds is every bit as stupid as the conspiracy theorists themselves ... although probably not as crazy. They're the flip side of the same coin, really: the conspiracy theorists will accept any claim, no matter how ridiculous, as long as it runs counter to conventional wisdom, while the people you're referring to will accept any claim as long as it comes from a mainstream authority figure. They have a lot in common.

Comment Re:wow (Score 1) 190

Hell, I'd be very surprised if any serious politician didn't have a passing acquaintance with The Prince - the same way I expect any Philosophy major to have read some Ayn Rand. You might not agree with the content, but you should know what is in it so you won't be laughed at.

One name: Sarah Palin.

If she can't see it from her house she shouldn't comment on it.

And yeah you can call her "not a serious politician" till you go blue, but she was a contender in a presidential election.

Here in Australia we've had similar politicians. Competence is not a requirement on the paperwork.

Comment Re:Community college, anyone? (Score 1) 272

Your cost issue may be related to: private university. You didn't say where but most private universities are multiple times more expensive than their public cousins. Everything else is true though. Skating by with A's and a few hand picked B's is cakewalk for those who put in the effort to turn in papers and assignments and show up to tests. I think caring about the subject you are studying might play a role in the perception of ease though.

Comment Re:True green laser? (Score 1) 274

> Even so, outside the realm of small laser pointers, there are such a thing as gas lasers and they can produce a true green emission.

Yeah, but you'ld look like a total dork showing up to do your PowerPoint presentation lugging around something that looked like this:

Plus, they'ld throw you in jail for being a terrorist.

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