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Comment Re:Would it be positive for your customers? (Score 1) 151

History shows that more competition leads to better products and services. Eliminating net neutrality reduces competition, thereby increasing profit margins and reducing product evolution and the introduction of new features, thereby leading to foreign competition eating your lunch, so it's bad for your industry.

Comment Re:Ah .. .The War On Cash Continues (Score 2) 258

1-It is entirely possible to make your own bank. A group of poor people could easily manage it, provided they didn't offer loans. In a cashless society they could provide basic banking transactions using your cellphone at minimum cost. The big banks would have to match the prices or lose that market. Something will have to be done, as banks hate dealing with the poor. 2-A cashless society can just as easily use a foreign currency as the local one. It's just bits in a computer and the computer is global.

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 400

People voted for Obama because he promised change. His failure to deliver crippled the Democrats, and Hillary successfully portrayed herself as a corrupt tool of the man. A lot of Americans are feeling desperate, and desperate people do desperate things. I wish there had been a third option, as the people would have gone for that instead of this disaster in the making.

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