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Comment Re:With his own money? (Score 1) 424

This is not an optimized launch plan. It requires sending up the living space and cargo holds repeatedly. What you want is the smallest launcher possible, with the people crammed in like a sardine can, then loaded into a re-usable ship for the trip to mars orbit, then back into the sardine can for the landing while the trip ship goes back to earth for re-use.

Comment Re:Great idea.. :( (Score 1) 134

Rule number 1 of a business: cost control. The USA spends more on education than anyone else, but ranks near the bottom for results. Spends more on health care than anyone else, but ranks near the bottom. Spends more on infrastructure but ranks near the bottom. It's a pity the Republicans don't bring any business savvy to running America (There is a reason successful business men are called 1 percenters, most Republicans are poorly educated bible thumpers and that's what they bring to government).

Comment Re:Waste of money (Score 1) 134

A manned visit to Mars is a PR stunt that will suck up all the resources currently being used for rovers and probes that generate real science. A single boots and flag mission could wipe out all science missions for the next forty years. Getting rid of the space station and all the Buck Rogers money sinks is the smartest thing we can do if we want real science.

Comment Re:Waste of money (Score -1, Flamebait) 134

The reason the USA doesn't do those big flashy rocket missions any more is because they ran out of Nazi rocket scientists, and now must rely on poorly educated Americans. With the refugee problem in the EU now, maybe this is a good time to stock up on people from countries with a good education system?

Comment Re:Don't blame the courts. (Score 3, Insightful) 222

Municipal broadband affects the inter-state commerce of internet service, it changes the price in the national market. This means the federal government can use the inter-state commerce law to regulate it (this is the same reasoning they used to regulate people growing marijuana for personal use)..

Comment Re:Right. (Score 4, Insightful) 222

Blame the politicians for taking bribes, or being influenced by deep pocket corporations. People can demand these monopoly laws be removed, the voting record of the state politicians is a matter of public record so you know who to blame. Politicians only get away with this corruption because the voters don't care. Also spin off the municipal broadband as a private corporation and they can keep it running.

Comment Re:Propose 'A' Technology? (Score 1) 199

Your solution will result in the ISP;s degrading the slow lane so that most people will want the fast one, and they will charge for the fast lane. The purpose of Network Neutrality is to prevent "Fast Lane Extortion" by the ISP's, and your plan directly facilitates the ISP's goal. I can only assume the Stanford researchers received a large cheque for their parroting the party line.

Comment Re:Let me be honest (Score 1) 343

1-You are willing to lose your basic human rights for the convenience of the government. If the government had caught or killed any terrorists because of the spying they would be bragging about it to end the complaints. 2-The government is a bigger threat to the American people than the terrorists are (more people killed, more abducted, more theft, more illegal drugs imported etc), so letting the government have more power without even asking for it (legislative process) makes you less safe.

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