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Comment Re:I agree down with the DMCA (Score 1) 288

Expecting U-tube to police their network for copyright infringement is like expecting Ford to prevent their cars from being used to rob banks. The only reason the copyright holders are not responsible for this is because they want to offload the work and cost to someone else, AKA maximize profit.

Comment Re:MS Spyware (Score 1) 421

It's linking in unknown code. It may be only local today but tomorrow who knows? Is it running an external DLL file or does it bind in the actual code? If it's an external DLL then microsoft can update it through windows update and you'll never know. This sounds like a very nice attack vector, I wonder what the NSA could do with it?

Comment Re:Yet we can't build houses... (Score 1) 152

Solving world hunger is a much harder problem than you think. In most of the third world the only limit on population growth is food. So if you grow twice as much food then the population doubles (in 10 years) and you're right back to starvation. The only effective method (so far) to solve world hunger is to raise the standard of living to the point they stop having all those kids, then the problem solves itself.

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