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Comment Re: Translation: More H-1Bs (Score 2) 118

Nice try, Shill "John Smith". The GAO--you know, Congress' non-partisan investigative arm--reported that a full 50% of entry level--yes, entry level--jobs went to H-1B visa holders, not to candidates with high skills. That's a myth pushed by the big tech companies. They just want cheap labor, at the expense of US citizens.

Comment Re:All About the H-1B (Score 2, Interesting) 360

What was said in those $700,000 speeches Hillary gave to Goldman Sachs? No, my entire life I have been taking the safe road, and invariably I see the people who I thought were decent enough turn around and hire Larry Summers and fill their cabinet with ex Goldman Sachs members. I am so fucking sick of the elite buying off our politicians and of our politicians then joining the elite, as has happened to Hillary and Bill Clinton. That she thought it acceptable--two years before she planned to run for President of the United States--to give a series of quarter-million-dollar speeches to Wall Street, just blows me the hell away. Either she is breathtakingly incompetent or worse, she is deeply and profoundly cynical and knows that we have no other choice but her. I worked hard for Bernie--and the likes of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz took advantage and stacked the deck for Hillary (exactly like the Republicans always do for their chosen ones) and then W-S attempted to block regulation of the payday loan industry, and I realized that I could not support these people. I know in the long run the Republicans are dead but I am simply and frankly so pissed off at the freaking decades of bad behavior by politicians that I am beyond holding back, making the "smart" choice. I am tired of the incrementalism. I want to burn down the house. I want Americans to wake up and register what they want this country to look like. I want to take America by the face and give it a slap. Yes, two Supreme-Court Nominees. Yes, continued fight on Climate Change. But really, if Hillary Clinton gets in there is no way she would turn the country on a dime like Bernie would have. Trump will not but... he seems kind of malleable. He's not your average Republican idiot like a Jim Inhofe who holds a position with no thought. I realize Trump is an idiot but an idiot is better than a sly and crafty adversary. I think Hillary is polluted with wealth and exposure to the idle rich.

Comment All About the H-1B (Score 5, Interesting) 360

The tech executives just want to keep the gravy train of cheap, captive H-1B visa holders. I have been a Democrat all my life, donated many times to President Obama--and would vote for him again in a heartbeat. Hillary Clinton is the first Democratic presidential candidate in my life that I cannot support. I am senior enough in my field to have never had my personal job touched by an H-1B visa holder. (They are dishonest morons.) The way it's run, the entire H-1B visa program is a scam. So, I will be voting for Dr. Jill Stein. I will be damned if I will vote for Clinton. I've done that enough. She supports rich tech billionaires--not me--and I will return the favor. I would rather suffer through 4 years of Donald Trump instead of allowing Hillary Clinton to screw us.

Comment Re:Anyone training their H1-B replacement has witn (Score 1) 482

Complete Nonsense. Companies are free to leave the US now--but they don't because there are myriad advantages to being here that they could not afford to miss. No, what they want is to have their cake and eat it too: benefiting from the American system while externalizing their costs for doing so.

Comment This is a Deal Breaker (Score 4, Interesting) 482

I am a lifelong Democrat and it is Hillary's stance on the H-1B that will prevent me from voting for her. Seriously, she will not get my vote over this one issue. I even donated cash 8 times to President Obama's 2008 campaign but I will neither vote for her nor donate to her campaign over this one issue.

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