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Submission + - PDD - Performance Driven Development (

An anonymous reader writes: Speaking stones has written a forward thinking article about a new development paradigm Performance Driven Development (PDD). Its the missing link between what you think is going on and what is actually going on when developing an enterprise system.
Things like BDD, TDD and continuous integration have their place but they dont address how the system really is performing during development and production.

Submission + - Indian BMD shield ready ( 1

darkstar019 writes: The ballistic missile defense shield system (at par with Patriot 3 system) has reached its operational readiness and is ready to be deployed in two cities. One wonders how much time it would take to respond to an actual chinese/pakistani threat given the IRBMs are only minutes away from destroying major cities.
The two level BMD still appears a few years away.

Submission + - SPAM: Apple PowerBook G3 Keyboard

om47864535 writes: "[spam URL stripped], [spam URL stripped], New high quality keyboard 100% manufacturer compatible Equivalent Replacement Part. Please be sure to check your laptop compatibility before ordering this product, Each keyboard is tested before shipping and are 100% working. Replace your faulty, cracked, broken Apple PowerBook G3 Keyboard, Each keyboard with a Ribbon Cable"
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Comment Re:So they have a reasonably priced product... (Score 3, Informative) 407

Not sure that is a fair comparison given that Dell laptop is reported to have poor build quality, poor battery life (some people report 2 hours), a poor quality screen, and I'm not even sure Dell sell it anymore. Also, the Apple laptop in question has Thunderbolt, backlit keyboard, firewire 800, 7 hour battery, solid aluminium (not plastic) and magsafe power connector. Not to mention a better operating system. It is clearly a better designed and engineered machine than the Dell.

You'll always find laptops that are cheaper than Apple. But you get what you pay for.

Comment Re:Anybody really usng g+ (Score 1) 161

Yep. Same here. A couple of nerds using it, and everyone else joined up, kicked the tyres, and logged off never to return.

Google can gloat all they like about millions of users, but it is millions of "active" users, and I mean REALLY active, that are going to make this a success.

Comment Hits? (Score 1) 201

Someone trying to get hits on their games website? :-)

Anyway, that particular game didn't seem to work well on my machine (Mac OS X) with Safari. The Z button wouldn't shoot, and collision detection didn't seem to work most of the time. So not really a good example of what can be done I would say.

Comment Re:default calendar with CalDAV? (Score 2, Informative) 152

This has always been this way, and I have logged a bug with Apple over the issue. With 10.6.4 it seems that some of us have suddenly found the invites go in to the CalDAV calendar by default now, instead of the local calendar. This is great, but we aren't sure why, and we've seen it only occur on some machines. There does not seem to be an option to say which calendar should be the default, so it is all a little bizarre.


Submission + - Will the iPad ruin books? 1

An anonymous reader writes: The New York Times is leading a backlash against the recent success of a strange eBook called Alice for the iPad. The newspaper claims that, on this evidence, the iPad will ruin books. Alice, a physics-enabled version of Alice in Wonderland was made by two hobbyist coders, using public domain illustrations. It's more like a hallucination than a book, but has stormed to the top of the iPad Book store, outselling Disney, Marvel and Amazon. However the NYT says this goes against the whole point of traditional books , knocking Alice and other interactive titles: "what I really love [about traditional books] is their inertness. No matter how I shake “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” mushrooms don’t tumble out of the upper margin, unlike the “Alice” for the iPad.". The NYT also worries that new eBook titles could distract kids from the tougher task of actually concentrating on literature: "what will become of the readers we’ve been — quiet, thoughtful, patient, abstracted — in a world where interactive can be too tempting to ignore?"

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