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Comment Re: Garmin Vivoactive HR. Great SDK. 10 day batte (Score 2) 232

Seconded. I had the first-gen Vivoactive and loved it for the same reasons. I even developed a tide prediction widget for it and a simple watchface. Now I have a Tactix Bravo, which also has the 10-day battery and ConnectIQ, with the added bonus of doing GPS readings while swimming. It's amazing that companies like Samsung and Apple seem not to get what smart watches need to be, but much smaller "old tech" Garmin does.

Comment Re: shocking! (Score 1) 39

This assumes that startup companies have all the cash they could possibly need. They don't. Giving options is what they do because they have to conserve cash. You're right that they'd rather not have to grant options, but usually they have no choice. It is true, though, that many companies structure their options in a way to screw the employees.

Comment Re: just one thing to say (Score 1) 612

Those "rednecks" to whom you refer have been bullied and browbeaten endlessly by the media over the last twenty years, and over the last eight they've had a President who outwardly, openly disdains them and does nothing to address their problems. And on top of that, we have a climate where millions of people like you feel completely comfortable describing them the way you just did. It's time for people like you to accept some of the blame for the rise of the Orange Fuhrer. Nice job.

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