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Comment Re:It only took a self drving car. (Score 1) 383

Bike lanes in roundabouts? Fine - works all over the world.

Not here, the local municipality decided to just leave them out. The bike lanes disappear before the traffic circles and reappear on the other side. The DOT also seems to delight in installing "traffic calming" devices which narrow the road, throw in random sharp turns and eliminate the bike lane as well.

Comment Re:Democracy is a failed system. (Score 1) 165

A proper education isn't possible with a public school system when certain political ideologies are trying to destroy it

FTFY. Seriously, public school education can be fine until a bunch of demagogues try to privatize it or cut its funding to nothing. I've known so many teachers who busted their ass, cared about their students and did a great job only to be hamstrung and crushed by the useless administration above them (up to and including the Governor.) The uncaring and/or insane parenting doesn't help either. And please don't mention charter schools; I live in Florida and have a front row seat to that sideshow of greed and incompetence.

But in all honesty your overall point about the entire system circling the drain is probably correct. There are just too many short sighted and/or psychopathic people in charge. But there's still a glimmer of hope that the populace in general may come around and begin to value intelligence and reason again. Hopefully before the planet is reduced to a lifeless pile of slag of course.

Comment Re:The box is pretty much mandatory (Score 1) 97

Yeah, they sent me a box instead of a cable card. Too much of a hassle to drive all the way to Comcast just to swap it. My main beef is requiring the equipment since they started encrypting all channels including OTA and then charging a monthly amount for it. It's not a large amount but the principle stinks. Picked up an HDTV antenna and am looking forward to ditching cable TV. 99.99% of what everyone in the house watches is via Amazon Prime, Netflix or Hulu now anyway.

Comment Re:Amazing how times change. (Score 1) 444

When a RAID goes down, isn't it wise to shut down the entire array until you can get a replacement in there and rebuild the set?

Yes, but sometimes the extra load put on the drives by rebuilding the RAID can cause another drive (or drives) to fail. Mount degraded array read-only, run a differential backup, rebuild and pray.

And for what it's worth, my anecdotal experience with a variety of Seagate's ES.2 "enterprise" drives has soured me on Seagate for a while. It's all cyclical though; like many others I remember cursing Western Digital and their Caviar drives back in the day. Company A sells more drives that Company B but Company A starts cutting back on quality to maximize profit while Company B starts increasing quality/features/whatever to win back market share. Switch positions and repeat.

Comment Re:That is crap (Score 2) 380

People forget to mention that all those panels they buy from China....How are they made? With GERMAN production equipment. That's how! The companies that produces these machines in combination with massive increase in solar installers because of the lower cost Chinese panels far exceeds the amount of jobs lost from production companies.

Until the Chinese get tired of paying the Germans and decide to reverse engineer (that was the most polite term I could think of) the production equipment and make their own.

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