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Submission + - Google delisted me I am powerless. (

ctwxman writes: "To confirm some suspicions, I did a Google search on my site. It would instantly tell me which of my pages were most popular. I was stunned. The list was long and mainly consisted of pages I hadn't entered! The pages were virtually 100% made of keywords and links. They were obviously computer generated without human intervention. I clicked on one. The address bar in my browser read I went to my web server and looked for the files that made up this page. They weren't there. Though the address bar said, if you manually typed the web address you'd get a 404 error — page not found! Something was very fishy."

Submission + - Julie Amaro Gets a New Trial (

ctwxman writes: " reports, Julie Amero, a substitute teacher convicted after pornographic images appeared on a classroom computer, was granted a new trial today. Amero's lawyer says there is new evidence casting doubt on her conviction."

Submission + - From the anti-intuitve desk: Web Hurts Porn! (

ctwxman writes: "Look around the web more than a few seconds and it's tough to avoid stumbling over porn (honest boss, I stumbled over it). It's that incredible availability and the ease with which porn can be created that's taken the steam out of steamy movies. From The New York Times: "And unlike consumers looking for music and other media, viewers of pornography do not seem to mind giving up brand-name producers and performers for anonymous ones, or a well-lighted movie set for a ratty couch at an amateur videographer's house." I believe the Times is saying, "content is kink!""

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