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Comment Re:But ... (Score 1) 846

This is quite possibly the most reasonable response I've read to this argument, good on you sir. I am quite curious to see what would happen to such a shooter on a state like Texas where CCP's are more common. At the same time I'd like things like this to never happen again, though that may be wishful thinking.

Comment Re:But ... (Score 1) 846

You're wrong on so many things I'm wondering if you're just a troll. 1. The weapon was not automatic, he had to pull the trigger for every round. 2. The body armor was fake & would not have stopped any bullets. On a side note, body armor does help against bullets, but does not make you Iron Man. Taking a hit to the chest would likely break ribs, bruise, and/or knock the wind out of you. Also, it's pretty much useless against anything bigger than a handgun at close range. 3. An AR-15 is about as far from "high powered rifle" as you can get. It shoots a .223 caliber projectile that will do significantly less damage than pretty much any hunting rifle. An AR-15 is considered a "varmint gun" meaning most hunters wouldn't even use it to kill a deer because of the lack of power. Misinformation is what spreads fear. I think everyone should take an hour or 2 & educate themselves about firearms before coming to ridiculous conclusions.

Comment Re:But ... (Score 2) 846

Pretty sure his weapon was not automatic. Also, a .223 is not a "high powered" rifle, it's actually on the low end. People need to get their facts straight & educate themselves about firearms (it wouldn't take more an an hour or 2) before they fly off the handle.

Comment Re:When exactly (Score 1) 241

Why is getting the masses excited about science a bad thing? Why do you feel the need to post multiple times about it while not backing up anything you say with facts. Personally, I think anyone who gets people excited about actually furthering our race is a good thing & should be encouraged. His speech to congress about NASA's budget was wonderful. Also, you spend all your energy whining about the moderation rather than actually raising a point against Dr. Tyson. The hypocrisy in your sig amuses me.

Comment Re:My experience... (Score 1) 824

I've generally believed (and all my limited testing has suggested) pressing the crosswalk buttons does the same thing as pulling up to the intersection in a car. All it does is trip the sensor, telling the lights that someone is waiting to go. This is especially evident in smaller cities where you can come across a button that will immediately turn the cross traffic light yellow when pressed if no one is coming, but lets cars clear if they're there.

Comment Re:feh. (Score 1) 617

Considering my wife is a 3rd grade special ed teacher, I assure you that I know what you're talking about :-) Still, I don't blame teachers so much as the curriculum. Public schooling in this country is designed to teach kids how to pass a standardized test, not to expand their knowledge.

Regardless of crappy teachers, crappy parents, or crappy students, you can't expect people to learn if you are training them to pass a test.

This was my experience as well. The kids are going to learn how to pass the class. For a few of them, that means reading the material, studying, etc. For the rest of them it means figuring out how to game multiple choice tests by elimination, realizing ALL reading comp section questions are asked in the order they appear in the paragraph, etc. I was a good student grade wise, but tbh, I can't remember 75% of what I learned in high school because I managed to learn how to learn just enough to get through the test & never thought about it again.

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