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Comment Best memory eh? (Score 2) 204

Say what you will about The Search for Spock as a whole; that sequence in which Kirk steals the Enterprise and escapes spacedock is one of the most engaging I can think of in all of cinema. Everything from "Don't call me Tiny" to "The doors Mr. Scott!" "Right sir! I'm working on it!", "Oh, I'll have Mr. Adventure eating out of my hand." all the way up to "Kirk, you do this, you'll never sit in the captain's chair again." It's an incredibly emotionally charged scene that is simultaneously tense, funny, and thrilling even though it takes place at 1/4 impulse power, there's no lens flare, and nobody gets choked or murdered or even shot at. That's classy fucking filmmaking. And scoring too! James Horner's finest work in my opinion.

Comment Re:What about Firefox's declining market share? (Score 1) 129

Oh but I AM a linux user! Gentoo masochist, through and through :-P
But yeah you're right; Firefox is the default for many distros, even if they have to call it Iceweasel or some such.
Of course, then its competition is Chromium, rather than the heavily branded and marketed Chrome. I wonder how big the Chromium user base is...

Comment Re:What about Firefox's declining market share? (Score 3, Insightful) 129

The fact that the growth has been non-Firefox is quite telling too. It means that people don't care too much what browser they use. It means that Firefox has a devoted fan base. It means that Firefox has a poor marketing strategy (go ahead and ask people if Firefox exists on Android and see if anyone knows).

I'm pretty sure this is god's honest truth. People who are aware of the technical differences between browsers do not swing the great "market share" % points up or down; they're the extreme minority. Most of the clients I encounter who use Chrome originally received it because it was automatically installed with CCleaner or Avast or whatever and they just didn't bother to uncheck the "gimme da bundleware!" box. That box is usually right next to the "Make this my default browser" box and the "Set Google as my homepage" box. Or they were harassed by GMail or to "try Chrome; you need it to use all the cool features of our site," and they didn't have a compelling reason not to (especially since they were probably coming from Explorer at the time). And so the habit is built.

Never once have I seen Firefox bundled with anything or asserting itself where it wasn't invited. Someone has to really TRY to install it, and that probably means they know why they might be doing so. It's definitely a "poor marketing strategy" compared with Google's, but which one do we want to reward?


Hacker Warns Starbucks of Security Flaw, Gets Accused of Fraud 107

Andy Smith writes: Here's another company that just doesn't get security research. White hat hacker Egor Homakov found a security flaw in Starbucks gift cards which allowed people to steal money from the company. He reported the flaw to Starbucks, but rather than thank him, the company accused him of fraud and said he had been acting maliciously.

Comment Re:Baking political correctness in society (Score 3, Insightful) 367

Liberal folks, this is your issue. The conservatives and libertarians are all over preserving the right to speech.

This, from the party that is attempting to ban the term "climate change"
Remember this? It's kinda recent...

I don't know why "free speech" seems to lose all its value when NOT being used to threaten women.

Comment Giving the speaker entirely too much credit (Score 1) 894

If someone insults your mom, and you simply MUST punch them to DEFEND HER HONOR or whatever, then you've already admitted that the word poses some kind of a threat to her. It doesn't. It's exactly as substantial and damaging as you believe it is. Assholes deserve the cold shoulder, anything more is just giving them power and attention. Well, until they start punching anyway. Then the gloves come off.

Comment More details plz (Score 2) 285

The website is pretty sparse on the details of what actually happens when this plugin is doing its thing. Unless it's all explained in that paper they posted (which I can't make any sense of, and I'm an IT professional).

Does this plugin simulate a click, or does it actually load the entire target page offscreen, and if so, is there any possibility for recursion here? Suppose there are banner ads on the page being "simul-clicked" on? Does the plugin proceed to them as well? How does this affect bandwidth? And what about security? What happens if that page wants to install the Ultra Monkeys Toolbar in my browser? Is it able to do that? Am I not able to decline or close the offending page before something bad happens because it's all happening offscreen?

Please, developer we've never heard of before, explain to us a bit more why we should trust this plugin. In ENGLISH.

Comment Re:we get it (Score 1) 295

Climate: (noun) - anything in the sky or seas that can be twisted to support the claims that the world will end if we do not all pay higher taxes and give governments more power over corporations who don't give a shit what they ruin as long as it makes money.


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