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Comment article got it wrong (Score 1) 884

this has been covered before. iphone's not popular in japan for three reasons: 1. no video phone 2. can't pay for stuff with it. (critically important. credit cards are sooo yesterday.) 3. no TV tuner (it's not a bad feature to have) also, it doesn't help that iphone cost as much as other phones that better cater to the japanese lifestyle.

Comment gates is hated (Score 1) 293

because he's a nerd recognized by jocks. instead of getting wedges, he got money and fame and now the wannabes feel like he's whored and betrayed the other nerds. the nerd wannabes mistakenly believe it's the nerdiness of bill gates the world embraces. so they constantly groan and moan how they are nerdier than gates but can't get a date or get out of their parents' basements. true nerds otoh are happy just to know they've created something better than other nerds. it's not the money or recognition from the quarterbacks and cheerleaders that they crave. they're happy to be recognized by other nerds as true nerds.

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