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Comment The design (Score 1) 102

The design for this is two giant hotplates but instead of having temperature controls there are all of the buttons and controls from a 360 controller. We hope that we can teach kids not to touch hot things like stoves. Hey, maybe parents could be given a remote and if their child refuses to quit playing video games or move out of their basement, they could jack the heat up so the kid either melts his hands to the controller (which he would likely be happy about) or put the controller down.

Comment Re:I KNEW it! (Score 1) 110

Speekeng of witch, A lady dide last nyte and left you ten trillyon american dollars! If you could just send me your adress, social security, name, phone number, and date of birth to konfirm youre identity, I can give you your moneys!

*Disclaimer - this is just a joke. Don't send me your information because I don't have shit for you and don't want it.*

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