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Comment Re:Thanks again NYCL (Score 2, Insightful) 163

Why are banks allowed to keep you in debt for the rest of your life? The answer to both questions are almost the same, US citizens all suffer from some form of memory loss, that or the like to be lubed up and penetrated. You could argue, banks and RIAA both only serve to entrap people and take control of their lives financially, yet it would fall upon deaf ears.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1, Interesting) 926

What if there really are no Al-Qaeda Terrorists? What if, our government and others are just paying some poor saps lots of money or promising to take care of their families or even extorting them into "being" terrorists so they can exploit the world? What if the U.S. , England and most of the western parties have a greater goal in mind, and that goal involves compliance from most if not all of the human race? Is that so hard to imagine? If we are to believe there are terrorists that want us dead, then why is it so hard to believe that our government wants to control and run our lives? Terrorists create a paranoia induced by our government's failures. Any government who fails at securing a nation against people who blatantly brag and tell everyone about killing them, are really terrorists themselves. If one official receives an intelligence report from someone stating so and so could be planning to bomb something, then one should take it seriously, as is standard protocol anywhere. For example. If someone says there may be a bomb or someone has a gun in a mall and may shoot people, then the police are called and there is a huge frenzy, yet for some reason, our CIA, HS, and Military lack the capability to process intel properly and refuse to 100% take every threat seriously, and we all blame it on the dems or Repubs. It seems to me like they do it intentionally, and it is all a ruse. But what do I know. If you dare go against what is said on the news, then risk being a "conspiracy lunatic". Pardon me for not believing for one minute that Uncle Sam lacks the capability of preventing terrorist attacks when they get direct intelligence, on 3 different occasions. Smells like rotten fish to me.

Comment Re:and why not ? (Score 0) 477

You are crazy. I think you are going way over the top. You are proposing only those who pay taxes vote. You forgot the whole democracy thing, didn't you. You are assuming it will be better to keep the "freeloaders" from having a voice. Yet you fail to realize the "freeloaders" are people made up in your mind from certain individuals spilling hatred from their mouths day after day. My poor confused countrymen. Most of us "poor" folk, aren't freeloaders. We are a product of what you rich bastards have created. We work, we work harder than you do, and we still get the blame for everything. You are severely disillusioned with reality and need to come to your senses.

Comment Re:Fuck George Bush! (Score 0, Troll) 379

You are an idiot. How can you not afford to have a public option if it is coming out of your taxes by say an extra 3% of income? If you are worried about the forced to buy clause, it is because of idiots like you. Fucking conservatives. I am a GOP member and you neo-nazi's are far from true conservatives. You remind me of the nazi's so much. You make shady deals to gain power at the expense of the citizens, and then continue to pollute the air with your propaganda and war machines. You make me sick. A third of our country is seriously obese and 40+ million of us uninsured, and you are whining about the government making sure you have health insurance? Give me a break. Stupidity knows no bounds. Wow...

Comment Re:Because obscurity... (Score 1) 379

The real lesson is, don't let your government take away your freedoms because some nitwit Nigerian guy had a giant sparkler in his pants. It's like we live in the fifth grade, and there is always that one kid in class who can't shut up but never admits it was him, only to have the entire class stay after school. I swear our country is ran by retarded, power hungry, immoral apes. If you want to stop terrorism, then learn to do your job. It just makes you wonder how these things happen time after time. I am beginning to think they don't care about terrorism. There is no way a government and it's so called "security agencies" can be this ignorant and negligent. If someone's life is potentially on the line, then you would like to think people would take it seriously. Even if it turned out that the Nigerian wasn't a terrorist, if you at least followed protocol and banned him from entering the U.S.A these things wouldn't happen. What compounds the situation even more is most of realize we will be getting anal searches at the airport as a means to justify security! I can hear the TSA agents now, "sorry sir, did you want the scented or non-scented lube, before I penetrate?"

Comment Re:Because obscurity... (Score 1) 379

You are basing your logic off what authority has told you. You realize the very definitions of being adult versus child have been mired by religious and political propaganda, right? If you want to look purely ad the scientific aspect, then when a person is capable of rational and logical thought, said person should be considered an adult. However, in society we think the opposite. Being an adult is being perceived by society as being A rather than B, and if you are saying when you stop growing you are and adult, I call shenanigans! Being an adult is nothing more than fitting into a mold society has placed because they believe 18 or 21 is "the age" of adulthood. Reality, most of us are capable of making logical, rational decisions at 12-15 and can handle ourselves much better than these so called "adults".

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