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Comment Cheaper over time? (Score 1) 763

I think the prices at release are OK in some sense. Sure, they're expensive but you do get the game right away and you can usually trade in older games for a discount. Once the game has been out for a few months, I really don't feel like paying full price anymore. Some stores seem to get this but a lot of them don't.

Comment Re:I have a copy and it just rocks!!! (Score 1) 140

But ... what do you mean by delay-and-then-accelerate-thingy?

In the demo I got the feeling that there was a slight delay between moving the (right) stick and an actual response in the game. Then it felt like I got a slight acceleration in the rotation rather than a constant velocity. Maybe I imagined the whole thing, but I found it harder to aim than in e.g. the Call of Duty games.

Comment Re:I have a copy and it just rocks!!! (Score 1) 140

I have pre-ordered the game and I don't regret it. The cover system,the graphics, and the atmoshphere seem really promising. I did, however, find the controls almost unbearable when playing the demo. Is this something you've gotten used to or did you simply enjoy the controls from scratch? I don't see how you could learn to cope with the whole delay-and-then-accelerate-thingy that they have implemented, but maybe (hopefully!) I'm wrong.

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