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Comment Re:Mystifying (Score 1) 326

Well, up to a point. I'm seriously considering an iPhone in order to have to carry just one device. It's a decent phone with a working voicemail interface. It's a UNIX box and wifi hub in my pocket. It's an IMAP client. So it's a mediocre camera; _any_ camera is mediocre at some point. With a 3rd party app to cover shopping lists and some kind of nice simple to-do list it'll be a fine PDA for me. It can be used as a bearable terminal when I really need one and have nothing (versus my palm, which it too painful to type on and too narrow).

When I want to use it as a UNIX box I can ssh to it, using a real keyboard and monitor on a desktop.

What do I wish it had? Support for a bluetooth keyboard; I do _not_ want it to have a physical keyboard but it would be nice to wirelessly attach one. GPS would be nice. 3G would be nice (if my local telcos didn't charge such stupid rates for data traffic); we don't have EDGE here - it's GSM (no IP traffic) or 3G.

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