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Comment Base Ten (Score 1) 372

My New Jersey driver's license still has me named CHRISTOPHE because back in 1993 or so when I got my license -- go ahead, count the number of characters. Ten. The idiot programmers who put together New Jersey's database allocated TEN CHARACTERS for the first name. Fucking morons. First of all, it's standard procedure, when inventing a completely arbitrary length limit in a computer program, to make it a power of 2, just so it looks like you did it for some computer-related reason. A limit of 10 is obviously bullshit because no computer in the world has a limit of 10 for anything. Only humans use 10 as a round number. Second, if you're programming a database of names and you need to set limits on length, the least you should do is check the most common names and make sure the limit is larger than the largest one. And CHRISTOPHER has been in the top twenty of American male first names for a long, long time. Citation:

Comment Re:Here's one (Score 5, Insightful) 348

This is basically what I see all the time. The listings all want experts in some stupidly named tech less than ten years old. Hadoop, Mongo, Tomcat, Pullwilly, Crankyank, GULP, GRUNT, and, god, still PHP. Also HTML5, which hasn't even been settled yet. They want all of that plus knowledge of ninety acronyms which don't really mean anything (RESTful). And there's absolutely NO ROOM for anyone to come in and pick things up as they go along. Every interviewer wants someone who can hit the ground running. Twenty years of experience on the web and a CS degree count for nothing if you're not an expert backwards and forwards in obscure minutia of SQL syntax, all tested using an online quiz designed to break your brain. Not to mention that the last job offer I got was for less money (accounting for inflation) than I got two years out of college twenty years ago, and in Manhattan to boot. After commuting I'd probably have lost money.

Comment Petty Web Design Peeve (Score 0) 224

I realize this is petty, especially given the subject of the web page, but why oh why does the C&EN page have to take over my arrow keys? I tried to scroll down gradually using them and found they've been taken over to move the page to the next *section*. When what you expected was to go down one line for each tap of the key, and therefore have tapped it a few times, it's surprising and stupid to end up halfway through the article.

I'm an old-time web developer and designer. I don't really do it professionally any more but I used to. So as a professional I have to ask: WHAT THE FUCK?

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