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Comment Re:You forgot (Score 1) 513

Ithink the US corporate law doesn't even mention things like "shareholder value" or "maximizing profits". Management should work for "the good of the company", not shareholders.

The idea that unrestricted greed would be good way to run corporations came, unsurprisingly, from Chicago School of Economicsin the 1970's. By 1990's the rules governing business were changed to allow for more predatory and short-term behaviour, and rest of the society be damned.
Still, to this day, corporations are not required to put profit before everything else, like breathable air or working economy...

Comment Re:Cannot compute... (Score 2) 156

why should some unelected non-UK people have a say in whatever laws the UK wants to pass for the UK?

Because you agreed to that in the 50's? Anyway, in this particular case, it is because the UK court of appeal (nominated by lawyers) asked for an opinion from European Court of Justice (nominated by governments). ECJ is of the opinion that the law as it is violates the human rights and privacy of EU citizens.
If the UK court agrees, and rules accordingly, then it's possible to challenge the snooper's charter in UK courts. Case by case.

That's all it is. Self-nominating bunch of layers asked the opinion of representative-nominated lawyers about the agreement of two sets of rules. Hardly the unelected overruling the hapless britons...

Comment Re:Good grief (Score 3, Insightful) 303

No, according to him we're already slaves to corporations... at least ever since 1987 when the "global government" banned CFC's because of that "ozone hole" thing. While the said ozone hole is actually closing now, this horrible, communistic global action has destroyed our very lifestyle.

No, wait. It hasn't.

Comment Re:Everyone does it (Score 1) 244

Of course Russia would ry and influence public opinion. Finland is a direct neighbour.

The odd thing in this case is that great majority of the Finns do not want to join the NATO. Only one in five actually would like to join, so the less they influence the public opinion, the better. Provided that the aim is for Finland to remain outside of NATO.

Frankly, the cynic in me wonders if this (article) is an attempt to reframe the discussion in a way that it's more difficult to oppose joining NATO, " 'cause only Russian trolls do that"...

Comment Re:Hmmm (Score 2) 378

The report actually said that there was no proof that modified food is harmful to people, because that's difficult to assess for any new food at all. And there's no studies post-commercialization about the possible allergenic effects. Oh, and that the GE-stuff should be labelled as such. And that glyphosate is probably not as safe to use as claimed by big agri.

And they also state that GE crops don't have bigger yields than non GE (so there's really no point to use them...).

The main advantages GE crop provides seem to be monocultures and vendor lock-ins. And we all love those, don't we?

But the point is, that the report was much less beneficial towards GE crop that it appears in the news story.

Submission + - Amazon Begins Housing Homeless in Seattle (

reifman writes: Amazon announced that it will commit one of its buildings to housing 200 Seattle homeless for the next year allowing a nonprofit organization to oversee the facilities. The former Travelodge motel faces eventual demolition as part of the company’s tremendous growth. With more than 4,505 living on the streets, Seattle's mayor recently declared a homelessness emergency.

Submission + - JBoss Java Server Backdoor Puts 3.2 Million Servers at Risk (

An anonymous reader writes: A few weeks back the US and Canada were issuing joint alerts on the increase in ransomware infections. One of the reasons of those alerts is the SamSam ransomware which uses vulnerabilities in older JBoss servers to infect corporate networks with a backdoor and spread the ransomware to all users connected to the central server. Cisco has performed a thorough search on this JBoss backdoor, and found over 3.2 vulnerable servers. Looking more closely at the files and clues left behind by the usual SamSam backdoor, they've discovered 2,100 servers where the backdoor was in an inactive state, waiting to receive and spread the ransomware. The backdoor (a webshell) was also tracked down to the JexBoss project on GitHub, from where the crooks took code to build their webshell.

Drone-Shooting is Now a Federal Crime, FAA Confirms ( 192

An anonymous reader writes: At least 12 different drones have been shot from the sky in the United States, including drone shootings in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Virginia, Kentucky, and New Jersey. Now the FAA is confirming that drone shooting is a federal offense, citing regulations against aircraft sabotage. An aviation attorney (teaching drone law at New York's Vaughn College of Aeonautics) tells Forbes this means penalties of up to 20 years in prison for interfering with the "authorized" operation of an aircraft, while threatening a drone or a drone operator would also be a federal crime subject to five years in prison.
Slate notes that "This is bad news if you were planning to invest in the DroneDefender, a goofy-looking gun that promised to disrupt intrusive drones by bombarding them 'with radio waves that disrupt [their] remote control and GPS signals'." And Popular Science adds that "It also poses a complication for some local and state laws, like Utah's proposed HB 420, which would let police shoot down drones in emergency situations." Meanwhile, police in the Netherlands are actually training eagles to attack drones. And last week in South Africa, a drone crashed through the window of an office building and hit an unarmed office worker on the head.

Submission + - Open365: Free and OpenSource alternative to office365 and google apps (

An anonymous reader writes: Open365 provides libreoffice online, file synchronization, videoconferencing, and KDE Kontact. All inside a webpage as a personal cloud service. For the moment, it is in closed beta period. The intention is to help build an open self hosted platform as an alternative to private closed personal cloud services like office365

Comment Re:"Massive Corruption"? (Score 5, Informative) 364

While it's not illegal to use offshore companies, the moment one "forgets" to mention to his friendly, local tax official about the 500 million pounds/dollars one "earned" last year, and are now hidden behind the facade of these offshore companies (that actually exists only for that sole purpose), it becomes illegal. At least in Europe.

Well, at leat for now. Our marvelous right-wing cabinet did try to make tax evasion legal, but they received enough of a shit-storm to delay the plan.

Comment Re:May spur automation (Score 2) 940

On the other hand, some (a lot?) of people now have 50% more purchasing power, and money is moving around way more than before. Which, if I'm not mistaken, will generate demand, which will generate jobs...

Way too many people nowadays believe that jobs come from letting (financial) business have a lots of money, while in the real world the jobs come from tasks that need to be done -- a.k.a. demand.

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