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Comment Re:Well, that's a start. (Score 1) 107

There is no evidence that they were pointing the guns at cops. They were simply carrying the guns. And, surprise, Ohio is an open carry state! So even if the guns were 100% real, the cops did not have the justification to shoot those people. There are white people occupying Chipotle with assault rifles but they never get shot. I wonder why?

Comment Re:Didn't even hesitate (Score 1) 633

Believe what you want but there are lots of types of speech that are currently criminal. I'm talking reality, you are talking fantasy land. Just curious though, do you think things like fraud, copyright infringement, false advertising and child pornography should be legal? Because those are types of speech.

Comment Re:So that's where the trolls came from? (Score 2) 633

And people should stop taking Trump's campaign statements seriously. Candidates running for office say and promise anything to get elected but rarely implement any of their campaign promises.

Then what should we judge him on exactly? His many fraudulent businesses dealings? His terrible interpersonal skills? His constant, pathological lying about things that can be simply fact checked? His ridiculous hair? Give me something here.

Trump would have no support from either party and the chance of him getting some of his more crazy ideas moved forward is effectively nil.

Again, if you don't believe any of his platform will actually happen then you are effectively voting for a complete unknown politically, and a person that has shown to be vulgar, petty, vindictive and racist on a personal level.

Comment Re:Didn't even hesitate (Score 1) 633

You can yell "fire" in a crowded theater. You can be held responsible for the direct result, but no one can ever legally restrict your right to say whatever you want.

That is a nonsensical statement. The only thing that makes something a crime is that you are 'held responsible' afterwards, there is nothing specially sacrosanct about speech. The reason you can't be restricted from saying criminal things is because nobody knows what the fuck you are going to say before you say it.

Comment Re:Fire the management that pulled VR support (Score 2) 633

Nevertheless, it's still monumentally stupid to mix your business with politics

Insomniac has been around for over 20 years making highly acclaimed and successful games through four generations of consoles. I'm pretty sure they don't need business advice from some random asshole on Slashdot.

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