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Submission + - MAC Address Randomization Flaws Leave Android and iOS Phones Open to Tracking

cryptizard writes: Modern Android and iOS versions include a technology called MAC address randomization to prevent passive tracking of users as they move from location to location. Unfortunately, researchers have revealed that this technology is implemented sporadically by device manufacturers and is often deployed with significant flaws that allow it to be easily defeated.

The research paper highlights a number of flaws in both Android and iOS that allow an adversary to track users even when their phones are using randomized MAC addresses. Most significantly, they demonstrate that a flaw in the way wireless chipsets handle low-level control messages can be exploited to track 100% of devices, regardless of manufacturer or operating system.

Comment Re:git was written when SHA-1 attacks were publish (Score 1) 203

BTW: At the company I work for, we already replaced SHA-2 with SHA-3 for security reasons. Better safe than sorry.

This is a misunderstanding of the purpose of SHA-3. It was not designed to be a "successor" to SHA-2, but an alternative. There is no evidence that SHA-2 is insecure, or even that SHA-3 is more secure than SHA-2. It was simply picked because, at its core, the design is fundamentally different from SHA-2 so it is unlikely that both will be broken at the same time. There is no reason to move from SHA-2 to SHA-3 at this point.

Comment Re:Color me skeptical (Score 2) 399

The point is that it should be enough to live with dignity, i.e. a roof over your head and enough food to eat, but if you want to take vacations or not share an apartment with two other roo,mates then you have to work to get extra money. That is why it is called basic income, it provides for the basic necessities but not much more.

Comment Re:Color me skeptical (Score 1) 399

And that's kind of the point. We are reaching a time in human history when we have more people than we have productive jobs for them to do, because of automation and overall increased productivity due to technology. We have to admit to ourselves that, some point soon, we have to be okay with allowing people to not work and still get a livable income. Working should give you above and beyond the minimum, if you want nice vacations, bigger home, etc.

Comment Re:Color me skeptical (Score 2) 399

That logic makes no sense. That is like saying if you make $2000 a month at your job you have no reason to work a side job on the weekends because it only pays $500. It's still $500 more than you had before. Every dollar has the same value it did, unless you are printing money to pay for your basic income. Almost everyone owns a television, does that mean televisions are no longer worth anything?

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