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Comment Re:Cry Wolf (Score 1) 377

I guess we have gotten to the point where you can't defend your hypocrisy any more so you resort to name calling as a desperate attempt to hold on to your fragile world view. But sure, keep believing in your media coverups or whatever other conspiracy theory you want. Let me know when your manifesto is done and I'll make sure to give it a read.

Comment Re:Cry Wolf (Score 1) 377

You never asked me my standard. I happen to think that you are right, the media jump to conclusions far too often and people should be presumed innocent until proven guilty. I just thought it was particularly hilarious that you had so much cognitive dissonance in literally two back to back sentences. None of your examples prove guilt because "random Slashdot commenter's opinion" is not the standard of proof we use for these situations. They were all either acquitted or never tried. Also, I don't really give a shit about Bill Clinton one way or the other, but he was not disbarred as you are claiming. He had his license suspended.

Comment Re:Cry Wolf (Score 3, Insightful) 377

Bill and Hillary have both been proven to be guilty, though the latter was given a free pass and the DOJ denied the ability to prosecute.

Complains about innocent until proven guilty and due process, immediately claims Clintons are guilty even though they have never been convicted. Such doublethink... frankly amazing.

Comment Re:50,000 * 30 (Score 2) 377

“Can’t we just drone this guy?” Clinton supposedly asked, according to unidentified State Department sources.

Unidentified sources also told me that she gets off on killing puppies.

Especially with the history of people who've crossed the Clinton's ending up dead?

Might want to stop believing everything you read on Facebook.

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