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Comment castrate and hang outsourcing traitors (Score 0) 826

a public castration, public hanging and left to rot. That is the cure for those who facilitate outsourcing. ESPECIALLY for politicians who facilitate outsourcing. Until we do this, we will continue to bleed jobs. This is war, and those who facilitate outsourcing are traitors and therefore should be publicly castrated, publicly hung, and their corpses left on the rope to rot

Comment political change is stopped via constitution (Score 0) 499

No, it is not that we WANTED change only by technology, it is that our Federal Constitution was designed by the rich aristocrats to STIFLE political change and to DISEMPOWER the voters. Americans have no option to change america politically because our Founding Fiends illegally installed a federal constitution that would thwart political change. To quote James Madison, "the father of the constitution, the constitution would not allow the voters to "unite and discover their common interest." Madison et al did this by creating a governmental structure that would increase the number of factions in the political districts by enlarging the political districts.

Submission + - Law students sue anonymous message board posters (

The Xoxo Reader writes: "The Wall Street Journal reports that two female students at Yale Law School have filed suit for defamation and infliction of emotional distress against an administrator and several anonymous posters (identified only by their pseudoynms) at AutoAdmit (a.k.a. Xoxohth), which proclaims itself the "most prestigious law school discussion board in the world." One of the claims is that the posters have violated copyright laws by reposting pictures of the women without their permission. Since AutoAdmit's administrators have previously said that they do not retain IP logs of posters, it is unclear how the plaintiffs will ultimately be able to identify the actual people behind the pseudonyms named in the complaint. Apparently, one method was to post the summons on the message board itself and ask the posters to step forward. The controversy leading to this lawsuit was previously discussed on Slashdot here."

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