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Submission + - Ecommerce with Catalyst - a post-project analysis

Denny writes: "Perl is Alive has published a 'six months later' analysis of a Perl ecommerce project which used the popular Catalyst framework at its core. It's a well-written look at how, by choosing various components from CPAN, you can build up a complex custom-tailored system without having to write everything end-to-end yourself. The author concludes that they would "undoubtedly" make the same technology decisions again, given the success of this project, and the quality of 'modern' Perl libraries and frameworks which are now available from CPAN."

Comment A lot of us have been pointing this out for years (Score 1, Informative) 1108

A lot of us have been pointing this out for years. I've been called "stupid" and "short-sighted" when I've brought it up

Really, short-sighted? It's pretty fucking obvious to me that short-sighted is just assuming men in white lab coats or the market are going to solve your problems. Too many humans consuming too many resources to maintain a lifestyle that is (in most places) too high.

You can switch and shuffle around your source of energy all you like, but you're always gonna hit the cap of the most limited resource to make that technology possible

Pretty fucking obvious

The only thing that looks remotely promising is Thorium-Fluoride reactors, but that won't really help with the water crisis, liquid-fuel crisis, food crisis, etc

Too many people, people. Malthus is back in style!

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