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Comment Re:Why bother? (Score 1) 210

I think it's meaningless and a waste of time. The people in charge today didn't commit the offense, and if you want to address past offenses in UK history, a more important place to start would be at Smithfield anyway. I am more in favor of finding people whose rights are being violated today and doing something about that.

It is not meaningless. There are people in Britain and worldwide who still want to roll back the clock on gay rights. This move would signal that there is no going back by appropriately acknowledging the collective shame that Britain bears for treating their hero so poorly. It is 2013. Gay oppression is, or ought to be, a thing of the past.

Comment Re:Skeptical fungus is skeptical... (Score -1, Troll) 162

Perhaps, a few months into the job, Marissa is realizing how bad things really are at Yahoo, and it depresses her, so she's engaging in a little "retail therapy" -- paying way too much for something she doesn't really need in order to feel better about herself.

You are realizing how bad things really are in your life, and it depresses you, so you're engaging in a little misogyny in order to feel better about yourself.

Comment Re:Tightening reins on developers? (Score 1) 121

i've seen crap deployed by developers outside of IT input it gets put on the oldest and crappiest server just because that's a name they have known for years no backup gets done on the databases because IT has no idea they exist half the time there is no DR or any kind of redundancy in case of hardware failure

and when it goes down they run to IT and scream how it's IT's responsibility to make it work

Bad developers are bad developers, whether they are supported by classic IT or using the cloud. Great developers, however, don't do the nonsense you are referring to. They care a lot about security, DR, performance, availability, etc. It is this top tier developer that, given an API that procures new hardware, does not really need classic IT support.

Comment Tightening reins on developers? (Score 4, Insightful) 121

From this article: "like tightening the reins on developers who turned to the cloud without permission"

Let me state this in other words: "Insecure IT guys are afraid for their own jobs if they can't lord it over developers". Seriously, developers working in an API driven cloud just don't need a classic IT organization around to manage servers for them. Cloud is a disruptive threat to classic IT orgs.

Comment Re:In-house is cheaper... so far (Score 2) 180

My experience in pricing these things out is that it's cheaper in-house.

Your assertion is only true if your IT needs are mostly static. In my experience the following things happen continuously:

Our online service is growing 5 times faster than we predicted. We need 5X capacity in the next two weeks.

We've changed our software application design and the hardware we have in not appropriate for the new design. Get rid of it and bring in a new hardware design, all while keeping the service running.

That's the reality for any nimble and fast growing business. That's why cloud is the default choice for me.

Comment Re:What about RC planes with cameras? (Score 4, Informative) 198

I play around with RC planes and my kids want to attach a camera to our next project. Does that make me a criminal? I thought it made me a cool Dad!

Take it outside city limits, you should be fine with the law.

Can't speak for the rural folks around those parts, but I know that if I were out in my field and saw something suspicious and obviously unmanned flying over my property, I'd be hard pressed to not at least scope the thing, if not blow it clear out of the sky just out of principle.

Scope? You mean you would shoot at my RC airplane with a scoped rifle? I doubt that you could hit it. Regardless, shooting a rifle at a high angle into the air is a remarkably reckless thing to do. That bullet will come down with lethal velocity at a random location, perhaps several miles away. Perhaps you should give your idea more thought.

Comment Re:On the other hand (Score 1) 602

The GOP and Silicon Valley want ever more H1B visas for STEM graduates, spewing a list of horseshit reasons, but never the real reason: high tech skilled, compliant immigrants from cultures with near zero workers' rights that are more than willing to work for pennies on the dollar (unlike those lazy USians).

This has not been my experience as a hiring manager. Hire the best people. Their visa status is a check mark that does not influence compensation. H1B folks pay tons in taxes and they are deeply devoted to raising well educated children. We need to let in as many as will come.

Comment The USA is not perfect but.... (Score 4, Insightful) 115

The cast of countries that submitted this proposal all share a common trait of disrespecting the freedom of expression of their own citizens. This disrespect is rooted in fear. These governments see their own citizenry as a threat to their own power, especially if those citizens can read anything they want on the global internet.

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