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Comment Performance? (Score 3, Informative) 85

According to TLA, x86 compatibility is achieved through emulation. Emulating the x86 instruction set is a non-trivial exercise that almost invariably results in extremely disappointing performance. Why? The x86 instruction set is an accretion of the instruction sets of older Intel processors, beginning with the 8008. This yields a difficult (i.e., computationally expensive) instruction set to decode and execute. Over the years, Intel has implemented micro-architectures that address this problem through special purpose hardware. If you're so inclined, have a read here for details. The takeaway is that simply emulating the x86 instruction set results in about a 100x slowdown for an equivalent clock rate. So, although this is an interesting technology demonstration, I seriously doubt it will prove useful outside of a small set of applications. It will certainly not be a satisfactory gaming platform.

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