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Comment Re:Accept the fact that technology moves on. (Score 1) 917

I take it you haven't seen Humans Need Not Apply? It's a good 15-minute overview of the coming automation boom, and explains why the jobs that are going to be lost won't be coming back, and the people who lose them won't necessarily find something new to do for work:

Comment Re:Other than Brother... (Score 1) 387

Yep. I've been using the same black and white laser printer for 11 years now. On top of that, it's still using .... *drumroll* ... the same cartridge it originally came with. I haven't had to replace it yet. Insanity.

Of course, as others have said, people don't print nearly as much these days, which explains the long life. But I've always preferred lasers to inkjets. No nozzle cleaning, no warmup.

FWIW, it's a cheapo HP.

Comment Re:Won't shrink this to fit into your phone (Score 1) 87

This is for training. Once the training is done, the model can be used in a cell phone.

Case in point, voice recognition.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't voice recognition performed by the cloud? The phone simply records and transmits your voice to the cloud for processing.

Comment universe as incubator, temporary nursery (Score 3, Interesting) 312

My money's on the idea that our universe is just an incubator for new life. A nursery. Stars are heat lamps, planets are nests, etc. Eventually, technological civilizations grow out of childhood, learn enough about their surroundings to realize there's much more out there, and their tech develops enough to let them escape and join the party outside the universe, where all the other super-old civilizations are. Crazy rambling, I know, but it's a good seed for ideas.

Comment Re:So true (Score 3, Insightful) 126

It seems to me to be a rather empty existence if you define your worth by nothing but what you make [...] if your definition of self is only in what you make, then what does that really say? What is the point?

You get a measure of immortality. (If you're good enough at whatever it is you do, and enough people know about it or buy it.)

Comment the report has almost nothing to do with taping (Score 1) 189

I just watched the whole thing. It's a feature on the potential of music videos and the viability of videodiscs (large optical (?) discs containing mostly music videos). The report starts off with some worry over a slump in the music industry, and briefly mentions home taping, but that's one of the few times it's ever mentioned. The entire rest of the report talks about what these new-fangled "music videos" are, and whether videodiscs can ever take off, considering people's limited patience for watching a few minutes of video over and over and over. It's interesting in its own right, but this Slashdot story is completely misleading. If the music industry is "worried" about a few seconds (literally) of incidental hand-wringing buried in a longer report about something else entirely from 30 years ago, these people are insane.

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