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Comment Re:haha (Score 1) 119

I tried voting on this, and Facebook's own voting system kept failing on some or other unspecified technical "error", so I wouldn't entirely blame apathy, and apathy is also engendered by not bothering to have a working technical system for voting.

I also got the email and attempted to vote on this - and got the same voting 'error' you describe; knowing now that I was not the only one to experience this, has me wondering whether Facebook was more interested in seeing the voting process itself fail.


Major Spike in Security Threats To Online Games 48

Gamasutra reports on data from security software firm ESET, which shows a major increase in the number of gaming-related security threats over the last year. They attribute the rise in attacks to the amount of money involved in the games industry these days. ESET's full report (PDF) is also available. "[ESET's research director, Jeff Debrosse] explains: 'It's a two-phase attack. If someone's account was compromised, then someone else can actually [using their avatar] during a chat session, or through in-game communication... they could leverage that people trust this person and point them at various URLs, and those URLs will either have drive-by malware or a specific [malware] executable. What ends up happening is that folks may end up downloading and using it. This is just one methodology.' These attackers also target gamers in external community sites, says Debrosse, through 'banners on websites or URLs in chat rooms or forums' — which can lead to unsafe URLs. 'If [users] don't have adequate protection, they could very well be downloading malware without their knowledge.'"

Submission + - Analyst reports 50,000 'Gphones' shipping out (cnn.com)

crossb0nez writes: "A UBS analyst has confirmed that Taiwanese handset manufacturer HTC will ship about 50,000 cell phones running on a mobile operating system made by the Mountain View, Calif.-based search giant by the end of this year.
Last week a Wall Street analyst reported that Google's shares would crack $700 with plans to make its own phone. Most, however, suspect that Google (GOOG) is making a mobile operating system that could work on any mobile device.
This isn't the first time that HTC has been mentioned as a possible manufacturer of the Google phone, but none have nailed concrete details. Should the HTC/Google partnership turn out to be true, consumers can expect their Gphones sometime in 2008.
The article also mentions development uses for starters — "These initial phones are not going to be for sale," Benjamin Schachter, one of the analysts who worked on the report, said in a phone call earlier today. "These are going to be available for developers only to understand how the software works." if only that Steve guy in 'the other white building' in California was so thoughtful of his company's consumers..."

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