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Journal Journal: Home Broadband over power line network 4

So, I haven't kept up on this... Would it be possible to set up a home BPL (broadband over power line) network?

Can someone point in the direction of where I could at least learn more about it?

Hardware Hacking

Journal Journal: Geek Remote Control Tracking

Has anyone come up with a better (read: "geekier") way to keep track of remote controls (for DVD, TV, PS2, etc.) than those stupid "beepers"? GPS, RFID, anything?
User Journal

Journal Journal: Starting in electronics

I want to get started with a hobby in electronics. I have an MS in CS, so I wouldn't mind learning a little microprocessor programming as well...

Anyway, a few questions.
What sort of tools will I need?
I know I'll need a soldering iron and multimeter. Suggestions on these that work well at a decent (or cheap) price?
Any good resources (websites or books) for a beginner like me?
Anything else I should know?



Journal Journal: Home wiring - planning ahead 2

I'll be building a house soon. After I'm moved in, I'd like the ability to run new wiring throughout the house easily when I'd like to, without there being ugly panels in the walls. Any suggestions?

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