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Submission + - Mars Exploration Rover - Opportunity - 13th Anniversary

cusco writes: January 25, 2004 the second Mars Exploration Rover landed on the Red Planet. Opportunity completed its 90-day mission without any major issues, and NASA requested funding for a mission extension. The mission has since been extended over a dozen times, and today marks the beginning of the 13th year of it's '90-day' mission.

The solar panels provide a maximum of 140 watts of power. The computer has 128 mb of RAM. Each of the six wheels has its own motor, and four of them are steerable. It landed wrapped in air bags and bounced 26 times before coming to a rest in Eagle Crater, within 25 kilometers of its initial target area. Designed to travel less than 100 meters a day, Opportunity has driven over 43 kilometers and returned over 200,000 photographs. It's currently on the rim of Endeavor Crater, traveling towards a water-cut gully a kilometer away.

Opportunity is now officially a teenager! Happy Birthday!

Submission + - Parasitic wasp tricks its host to dig a smaller escape hole to remain stuck (

cristiroma writes: A newly discovered type of parasitic wasp called Euderus set lays an egg inside a the same hole with the genuine egg. Scientists are yet to find out how the parasitic wasp is tricking its host to dig an escape hole too small, becoming stuck. The parasite then eats its way out from inside.

From the article: "Many gall wasps follow a peaceful path to adulthood, crafting themselves miniature crypts in oak tree branches where they bunker down before emerging in the spring. But a newly discovered parasitic wasp, called Euderus set, has other ideas. These ruthless insects lay eggs inside the gall wasps' home, where the larva then go on to eat their way through the host's insides, out of its head casing and into the world".

Submission + - Thousands of College Kids Are Powering a Clickbait Empire (

mirandakatz writes: Odyssey began as a college newspaper focused on Greek life, but it's since expanded into a massive online platform bringing in 30 million unique views per month—and it's almost entirely powered by college students writing for little to no pay. The secret sauce that Odyssey is hoping will allow it to succeed where other user-generated content platforms have failed? It's twofold: first, an ominously-dubbed "Invisible Hand" algorithm that optimizes workflow among its small paid editorial staff; and second, a genius marketing technique that uses college writers to churn out sponsored content at a fraction of the going industry cost.

Comment No thanks, I'll pass this one out ... (Score 1) 48

I'm waiting for the practical version of the self-driving bed, so I won't need to get up at all. I'm sure someone will come up with it. Imagine it, to drive me 20 miles to the work before I even wake up, open the computer small table so I won't require to even get up from bed. Then it drives me to the cafeteria ... then back home in the night ... Oh, the joy!

Submission + - Apple Launches Quality Program for MacBook Pro Anti-Reflective Coating Issues (

cristiroma writes: Apple has issued an internal notice about a new Quality Program that addresses anti-reflective coating issues on MacBook and MacBook Pro models with Retina displays, as confirmed by multiple sources. These issues include the anti-reflective coating on displays wearing off or delaminating under certain circumstances.

Submission + - Porsche chooses Apple over Google because Google wants too much data (

countach44 writes: As reported in number 5 of this list from Motor Trend, Porsche went with Apple over Google for the infotainment system in its new 911. Apparently, Android Auto wants vehicle data (throttle position, speed, coolant temp, etc...) whereas Apple Play only needs to know if the car is in motion. Speculation is around what Google, as a company building its own car, wants that data for.

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