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Comment before google, and the internet, they were amazing (Score 1) 197

Seriously, the tides have shifted.

A conference is mostly a place for marketing folks to get an idea of what people are peddling. It's a bazaar.

this can be valuable to you and your employer in 2 obvious ways.
1) you will come across products that you would otherwise not search for.
2) your employer will learn about how your product(s) suit the current market.

If neither of these things are something you or your employer care about, then they are useless.

When I send people I ask for 2 things:
1) find one gem of the shared knowledge in the sea of presentations that you can learn from
2) identify the closest competition and see what they are doing different

Comment Re:Even if it isn't some blend (Score 1) 570

I love apple juice, it tastes fantastic, but you can't fool yourself in to thinking that because it is juice it is magically good.

Of course you can. People are constantly fooling themselves with all sorts of assumptions and dumb ideas. There is no end to it really.

Sadly, people will think something like this is progress.

Comment Re:How is this tech related? (Score 1) 156

Conservative economists (when they testify for the chemical industry) believe that the free market is perfectly efficient, so if they can make money doing something, it must be good.

It's hard to believe that this is true, but it appears in so many industries in many variations. e.g. if (name some pop music artist) music is popular, it must be good.

Comment Re:Or you can say things are now slowing down (Score 1) 101

omg - what rock are you under?

I'll list some for you:
1) smart phones - world changing - 13 years ago with the blackberry when people started to use them
2) human genome sequencing - world changing - 15 years ago - completed 2000, but finalized in 2003
3) digital cameras - world changing - average people didn't start using them until 16 years ago, 1999.
4) LCD monitor - world changing - 17 years ago
5) rebirth of the electric cars - world changing - 7 years ago
6) Linux - 24 years ago
7) Amazon - 21 years go -- and in particular, AWS, 13 years ago.

oh, if you are looking at things when they were first invented, ARPANET is 1969.

all of these things on their own are meaningless, but together change everything we do -- globally.
life is very different now because of all of these things.

Comment Re:Why stop there? (Score 4, Informative) 137

I think you are mistaken -- 3 is normal. 2 is color blindness, commonly red/green blindness. And by receptors, I presume you mean cones.

Perhaps you are thinking of tetrachromat, where very few people have that 'condition', and Concetta Antico is one person who does... who also happens to be female... with the presumably prerequisite 2 X chromosomes. Eagles are also tetrachromat.

Comment use a nice fanless Eee Box (Score 1) 253

I've done something similar for years (going on 6 years) with a lower powered one.
It works great. sits above my furnace (not on it). Auto restarts on a power failure, etc.

My crawl space isn't dusty nor wet as a lot of posters suggest to protect against -- and after 6 years, it doesn't owe me anything -- still going strong.

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