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Comment Re:Your awfully short sighted. (Score 5, Informative) 55

As a precision to the parent's correct post, Warehouse isolation studies are referred to as simulations while these underwater tests are analogs. Analogs include unreproducible stresses found in real conditions (underwater and polar stations mainly) unlike simulations. The distinction is crucial when studying isolation psychology and psychiatry.

Comment Re:We really need to get Commercial space going (Score 1) 193

Actually the GP was merely stating some facts, or should we call them inconvenient truths. You did nothing but criticize his point of view. Here is something to think about: ask an average joe what NASA should work on for the next gen, safer rockets or bigger rockets? This answer to this is fairly obvious and is why NASA is "campaigning" about safety.

Comment Re:Why use a beam? (Score 1) 81

IANAE but, transmitting power from cables has several drawbacks 1) Anything that adds weight to the cable is a very bad thing. 2) the power loss due to extreme length. 3) Redudancy directly affects 1 and 2. 4) 1 and 2 are mutually exclusive.

And as far as wireless power transmission goes, if its focused i think the powerloss is quite acceptable over those distance relatively to other means. The redudancy is exceptionnal too, you can have multiple beaming stations on the ground and/or in the air, ready to send their own beam in case the primary goes down.

Comment Re:No way jose... (Score 1) 539

You feel absolutely no fear at the prospect of having realistic artificial brains on which to experiement with no legal or moral restraints?

And as for the evolution, you start with very small organism, very much like insects. Starting with a fraction of a rat brain alone is well.. a non-starter. I think you underestimate how fast an intelligently controlled evolution could take place.

Comment Re:No way jose... (Score 1) 539

The power of chaos (call it randomness or QM) and really, really long spans of time. Plus a lot of evolutionary stresses. Reusing simpler/earlier organisms as basis for interaction and possibly sustenance for more complex ones is only natural. Throw in a few well chosen mass population genetic bottlenecks and there ya go :)

Training is crucial. At the moment we have the tools to create a virtual environments in which we can breed populations of incremental complexity (genetic/coding-wise) through evolutionary pressure. As we learn to create these training and bottleneck methods for simpler "life" forms, the computing capacity needed for complex organisms will probably be there by the time we perfect such methods.

My guess is yes, about 10 years for an intelligent ANN. Also, when we do reproduce the brain it will have seemingly limitless potential for medicinal uses. It will also bring a terrifying potential for abuse. Such mastery of human intelligence could lead to disaster...

Comment Re:Outgassing... (Score 4, Informative) 84

NASA uses a variety of explosive bolts.
Manganese/barium chromate/lead chromate: time delay mix, used for sequencing. Gasless burning.
Zirconium/potassium perchlorate: NASA standard initiator (NSI). Rapid pressure rise, little gas but emits hot particles, thermally stable, vacuum stable, long shelf life. Sensitive to static electricity.

Comment Re:Mod Parent Up! (Score 1) 429

I looked around when they came out. Its really not that hard, but there is a fairly small size limit for the ROM you put on the virtual CD. But all that is really needed is an exec call to the virus on the mass storage device

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