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Real Time Strategy (Games)

StarCraft II To Be Released On July 27 220

Blizzard announced today that StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, the first game in a series of three, will be released on July 27. The game will contain the Terran campaign (29 missions), the full multiplayer experience, and "several challenge-mode mini-games," with "focused goals designed to ease players into the basics of multiplayer strategies." It will launch alongside the revamped, which we've previously discussed. Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime said, "We've been looking forward to revisiting the StarCraft universe for many years, and we're excited that the time for that is almost here. Thanks to our beta testers, we're making great progress on the final stages of development, and we'll be ready to welcome players all over the world to StarCraft II and the new in just a few months."

Submission + - Herschel Space Telescope releases First Light Data (

davecl writes: "First light images and spetctra have now been released for all three of the instruments on Herschel. The news is covered on the BBC, on the ESA website on the Herschel mission blog and elsewhere. The data all looks fantastic, and is especially impressive since the satellite was only launched about 7 weeks ago. I work on the SPIRE instrument and help maintain the blog but even I'm astounded by the amount of information in the SPIRE images!"

Submission + - SPAM: Researchers Teach Mice to Exhale Fat 1

destinyland writes: "UCLA researchers made a startling discovery: genetic alterations enable mice to convert fat into carbon dioxide. Mammals digest fats differently than bacteria — so researchers introduced bacteria genes into mouse livers, and "the excess fat was literally released into thin air." (One researcher calls it "an unconventional idea which we borrowed from plants and bacteria.") The research potentially could help treat serious medical conditions including diabetes, heart disease — and of course, obesity."
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