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Comment Re:Let the trade war begin (Score 1) 742
Maybe this will open your eyes. American's really arent that great.
Protectionism turned out OK when America forced the Japanese to increase the value of their currency, so the Americans could compete. I guess the productivity fairy was having a day off...

Submission + - Australian govt finds first-name initials a problem (

troublemaker_23 writes: Australian banks appear to be holding up international digital money transfers to people who have an initial as the first part of their name, due to what are claimed to be provisions of the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing Act.

Comment Re:Cost benefit (Score 1) 141

I read the first little bit, just to make sure my suspicions were correct. But you're right I didn't bother with the rest.
Like I said right at the start, you're just trying to troll and argue against things I never even mentioned. Bringing in totally irrelevant things and purposefully misunderstanding what I said even when I used baby words for you.

Ain't no one got time for that.

I showed you three clear examples of Apple not paying tax. I explained how if they did pay that tax, the place they paid it to could have bought particle colliders.
Your willful ignorance was too strong for my clear facts to break.

I even showed you three other places you can go to, to get the argument you seem so desperate to have.

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