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Comment What! No call to arm drones like teachers? (Score 0, Interesting) 528

First time this year I've read about Americans shooting something that wasn't
  - Their children
  - Each other
  - Endangered Wildlife

Somebody shot a couple hundred dollar drone, great its good news! Progress.
The only surprise the world has, is there is no call for drones to be armed to protect against it happening again..

Comment As a Brit who lives in Kyiv (Ukraine) (Score 1) 498

Im quite stunned, that I can still be stunned, by the general american disconnect from the world.

Uranium is mined in Ukraine, space rockets are made and launched in Ukraine.
When you think Soviet Union and Nuclear missiles, think that this was tech from the Ukraine arm of the Soviet Union.

Yellow Waters - never used to be listed on the map - you may find it now.
The comments it'll take 15-20 years to re-arm is a nonsense.

The Ukrainian people are hugely ingenious engineers --- those rockets that took apollo to the moon. You think that rocket motor was an American design?

That the Ukrainians managed to stand in peace to pull parliament out the clutches of nigh on dictatorship, their old, young, couples got out of bed in the dead of night and cold to stand before armed police is testament to their resolve calm and control.

Only a fool would consider their capacity to not pick up a gun as a lack of commitment.

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