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Comment Re:Less protection? (Score 1) 88

This may not even be precedential. Unless it gets published, it's only persuasive authority, not precedential authority. And even if the case gets published, it's only binding on that Federal District Court. The rest of the District and Appellate courts are free to do as they please.

Comment Re:Apple's doing the right thing (Score 1) 510

Well, Apple may be doing *some* things well, but they certainly don't confront their numerous hardware problems head-on. From the long-denied powerbooks with faulty ram slots, to the macbook pro's with doomed-to-fail graphics chips (which were at least acknowledged as an issue by other vendors included in the nVidia settlement), to yellowing keyboard plastic on the early macbooks, to problems with the airport chips, to the new-found performance degradation while using sound on the mac pro's, to the yellowing displays on the newest iMacs, their hardware QC is absolutely appauling. AND they don't acknowledge these issues when they arise until enough people make a stink. This is made worse when one considers the fact that Apple only releases product refreshes what, once a year? If other hardware vendors had this problem, they'd be out of business. And Apple gets to hand pick this hardware, and custom-tailor their OS to the architecture. They don't have to deal with swirling device driver compatibility issues with their limited and carefully chosen hardware configurations.

College Board Kills AP Computer Science AB 322

jhealy1024 writes "The College Board recently announced it will be getting rid of the Advanced Placement Computer Science AB examination after May 2009. The 'A'-level exam will continue to be offered, though there is no word yet on what will become of the AB-level material (e.g., if it will be merged into A or just dropped). Many teachers of AP CS are upset about the move, as it seems the decision was made without consulting members of the CS teaching community. As one teacher put it: 'this is like telling the football coach next year is the last year you have a varsity team.'"
The Courts

Lawyer Banned for Threatening File-Sharers 123

S. Hare brings us a report from TorrentFreak about a lawyer working for a Swiss anti-piracy group who was recently given a 6-month ban for her attempts to intimidate file-sharers though letters threatening fines and court fees. Elizabeth Martin demanded 400 Euros each from "hundreds of thousands of file-sharers," and suggested that they would have to face large settlements if they did not comply. The Paris Bar Council took exception to this and instituted the ban. Martin worked for Logistep, a company who has had trouble following laws in the past. "The disciplinary board decided that 'By choosing to reproduce aggressive foreign methods, intended to force payments, the interested party also violated [the code] which specifies that the lawyer cannot unfairly represent a situation or seriousness of threat.' In addition, the lawyer also violated the code by cashing payments into a private account, not the usual dedicated litigation account, known as a 'Carpa'. Martin also refused to reveal how many payments had been received from file-sharers."

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