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Comment how about (Score 1) 348

So, wait. Let me get this straight. People are typing into a form, hit back space, thinking it will delete a character and instead it goes to the previous page and you loose everything you typed into the form? How about cacheing that text in the form the you go back a page instead of reassigning the meaning of backspace in browsers? And while we're at it, how about you fix Chrome so that when I hit tab in a gmail compose window I get a tab instead of jumping to the send button. I've sent a whole bunch of annoying empty emails because of this.

Comment Re:Hmm (Score 1) 496

I agree with you, I don't know what they were thinking. Having said that, I think it's sad that they even have to worry about that. The kid that hit them is the one responsible, and the only one. However, I do realize that he probably doesn't have the kind of deep pockets that snapchat does. Again I think this is sad all the way around.

Comment Re:A prisoner could just as easily read the works. (Score 1) 527

The relevant questions isn't where did the FSM come from. The key question is: does the person who claims it's a religion honestly and truly believe it's a religion? Otherwise we're merely saying that something has to be old enough that we've either forgotten it's origins or enough people believe it. In this case the judge is substituting his belief for that of someone else and when it comes to religion that's a slippery slope. The power to judge what is a religion is the power to eliminate religions and I don't think we want that. For instance, were I a judge I remark that they all appear to be satire to me and thus there are no religions. Would scientology not be a religion cause it's not old enough? How about mormonism? Islam? Christianity? Judaism.

Comment Re:A prisoner could just as easily read the works. (Score 2) 527

Please, judging is not difficult. The idea that you need to be some expert to do it is both dangerous and ridiculous. To the extent that it is true it is a *failure* of judges and the legal system. A (not the, but a) primary goal of any system of laws ought to be the simplicity and understandability of laws by everyone as everyone is, or should be, governed by them and ought to be able to apply them. The idea that we can't all understand the law is absurd and leads to the idea that you then need to be some sort lawyer just to live.

Comment Re:It's simple. (Score 1) 273

This is really a case about the All Writs act and what is constitutionally proper for congress to do in that vein. As you correctly point out the FBI has a legal warrant to the item. But, I might point out it also ALREADY has the iPhone. It's not asking to be allowed to seize or search the iPhone. It can already do that. The problem is that it can't understand the information that's on the iPhone and what it now wants is to compel a third party not involved in original subject of the warrant to spend it's time and resources to help the FBI interpret what it already has. If this were a physical safe would we tell the safe manufacturer that it must create new specialized tools and spend time money and resources to break into it? Or would we tell the FBI that "hey you already have the safe, breaking into it is your problem." The court here isn't being ask to grant a search warrant, it's being asked to force a third party to facilitate a search warrant against it's will. I think it should not.

Comment I'll tell you why I don't pay (Score 3, Insightful) 311

I'll tell you why I don't pay for quality journalism: I don't see any of it. Even when I read a NY Times or WaPo article, it's always something like this: some court has come to a decision and here is what a ton of people I don't care about think about it. There is never a link to the actual decision, there is never a summary of the legal basis for the decision, let alone an analysis of why the decision may or may not be sound. There are never any links to primary sources if want to follow up. The only links are to other stories by the same organization that I can click on and drive more revenue to the site. Exactly what value are you giving me?Pass.

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