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Comment Re:What part of this is hard to understand? (Score 1) 183

If the problem is that there is more content then bandwidth then charge for bandwidth. But don't throttle my traffic to favor your traffic simply because you don't like the contents of my traffic. If we're paying the same then I expect to be treated the same and that include prioritization. Now if *I* deprioritize my bulk traffic at my point of egress in regard to my voip traffic feel free to honor that.

Comment Re:What part of this is hard to understand? (Score 1) 183

I'm billed a flat rate and capped on data. My traffic is important to me. Why should I subsidize your traffic by paying the same amount and getting worse service simply because your traffic is VoIP and mine is Downloads? If you want to pay to prioritize your data over mine I can understand that we might be treated differently. I also understand very well the need for prioritization of time sensitive packets like VoIP and streaming video. However, I still don't understand why I should pay the same and get treated differently. My bytes are as valuable to me as yours are to you and I want them delivered as quickly and reliably as yours.

Comment Re:Ex post facto (Score 1) 302

Apple doesn't have to jack up their prices to pay for this. They can use some of the profit that they illegally made due to their product being priced artificially low in the market because they didn't pay the taxes they were suppose to at the time. Taking a financial windfall you weren't entitled to isn't a financial hit it's simply a correction. I'm not a fan of taxes either but we should all be playing by the same rules. If any other corporation couldn't have gotten this same deal the neither should Apple.

Comment Re:Ex post facto (Score 1) 302

I agree with most of your analysis but the problem is that Ireland gave illegal state aid to Apple. Apple isn't being punished it's being told to pay the taxes it always had to pay. If Apple doesn't have to pay then you are in essence legitimizing their preferential deal for avoidance of tax. To fine Ireland and not make Apple pay would have the effect of perpetuating that aid which is completely antithetical to what they are trying to do which is prevent illegal state aid. After all Apple would get the tax break which is what's unfair, Apple gets it but other companies don't. Ireland doesn't get punished here in the sense that it has to pay a fine, but it's lost the major attraction it had to US corporations and anyone looking at these things in the future is gonna look twice when dealing with Ireland. That's punishment enough for them.

Comment Re:Goodbye, World Wide Web. (Score 1) 282

I linked to it, I didn't serve it. None of the bits come from my server. I told *you* (in the form of your browser) where to get it. How have I violated copyright. If I told you that you could get a book at the library without the permission of the publisher why should that be illegal? The responsibility should be on the one who holds the content and transfers it. Not the person who tells you where it is.

Comment Re:Not close to a consumer solution (Score 1) 149

I had cable TV + internet from Comcast. I only bought the cable TV because you had to in order to get the cheaper rate on internet. They charged me a monthly fee for a cable box and when I tried to actually watch something using it instead of streaming via the internet it was a horrible mess. It would reboot (a 5 minute process) or try to redownload the guide (a 20 minute process) and on the odd occasion it actually worked it was such a clunky painful ad filled experience that I never watched cable for the first 2 years I had service. Then TiVo had a sale where I could buy a reconditioned TiVO and lifetime service so I got a cable card and that experience has been unbelievably smooth. I mean literally: I couldn't believe it. I pay less now (the cable card is cheaper than the box) and watch a great deal more cable (which given I watched exactly zero before is a huge increase.) The experience now, even with commercials is way better. Being able to prune out all the channels on the guide that I didn't get in my package and prune out all the non HD versions of channels so I didn't see the same channel twice, once in HD and once in SD made the experience much much better. I don't understand why the Comcast cable box sucks so much. I'd actually spend money on the current setup. I'd cancel service if I could only use the Comcast provided cable box. I'm in favor of the proposal but what I really don't get is why the cable companies have to be dragged kicking and screaming into this. I literally want to put a fork in my eye when I got to my parents house and I'm forced to watchtheir cable. For lack of anything better to do when they go to bed.

Comment Re:Class actions .... (Score 1) 104

Perhaps, but to use an example may of us here may remember: monitor size. I remember a time when everyone wanted big CRTs (I know ancient technology) and so manufacturers would produce big tubes and measure the tube and then put a plastic bezel around the tube shrinking the part of the tube you could see. Then they would advertise the tube size. There was no uniformity from brand to brand telling you how big the bezel was so the ads were misleading. There was a suit the manufacturers settled and I got a $10 coupon on a future CRT (I never did buy one again) but I noticed that all of the sudden the screen sizes shrunk or the ads had foot notes indicating visible size. I think that's a win even if the manufacturers payed a lot of money to basically no one but the lawyers. I believe that manufacturers are discouraged from doing that kind of thing again (how many times have you seen disc drives measured in GiB instead of GB with a footnote specifically to avoid this litigation?) You may not even be aware of the things

Comment Re:Don't ever sign a contract with "arbitration" (Score 1) 104

I'm not sure that's completely true. Sure if they all filed individual actions Uber would lose big time in the costs to defend them. However, I don't think you can simply file an action free of charge. I think there must be some minimum filing fee and unlike the court system you probably have to pay costs if you lose. Further you have to be smart enough to prepare your own documents or pay someone like a lawyer to have that done. Class action suits exist specifically for the case where the cost or difficult of filing suit outweighs the value of the return to any one individual of the class. I'm ok with the general concept of binding arbitration clauses but they shouldn't force you arbitrate individually.

Comment Re:Why would you want tech companies in the downto (Score 1) 305

My guess is that this is the heart of the issue. Downtown Palo Alto AKA University Ave. is a pretty vibrant place all day and into the night. But if you were to put offices there like you have in the financial district in San Francisco then you'll find the area is dead after 6PM when all the workers leave.

Comment Re:Unlimited data != unlimited bandwidth. (Score 1, Insightful) 26

So you mean there is a limit? And if I need to learn that there are limits on bandwidth then perhaps the carriers ought to learn that too and stop advertising something that doesn't exist.

I get it that there are limits in that we all share the bandwidth of some critical component at some point and I think generally we're all OK with that. But when you start to impose constraints above and beyond that then I have a problem with you describing it as unlimited.

Comment how about (Score 1) 348

So, wait. Let me get this straight. People are typing into a form, hit back space, thinking it will delete a character and instead it goes to the previous page and you loose everything you typed into the form? How about cacheing that text in the form the you go back a page instead of reassigning the meaning of backspace in browsers? And while we're at it, how about you fix Chrome so that when I hit tab in a gmail compose window I get a tab instead of jumping to the send button. I've sent a whole bunch of annoying empty emails because of this.

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