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Submission + - How to pick the best Shopping Cart system for Linu

crazyjeremy writes: It's finally time for me to break down and get a shopping cart system working on my server. It runs CentOS, PHP 4.4.2 and MySQL 4.1.21.

1. I need a cart system that can take a credit card payment. I realize I will probably need to sign up with a company and have monthly fees.

2.Also, I have a list of binary objects that have a specific value (like a stock photography or ebook site) and I want to be able to sell each one for a specific price. It would be ideal if the cart could read a table and take a value for objects based on what that table said it should be. In other words, instead of manually feeding the cart the specific price for every object, I would like to simply pass the cost for the binary data and it's unique id, then the cart would charge the visitor appropriately.

Is this possible, or am I going to wind up putting 12,000 items into a cart system by hand?

Submission + - Clinton Raises $7.3Billion To Fight Poverty &

crazyjeremy writes: Bill Clinton hosted a conference "on world problems". By the end of the three-day Global Initiative which included celebrities, Corporate America types and world leaders the former president raised $7.3 Billion in pledges.

"The Earth is warming at an alarming rate, we are running out of fossil fuels, and it is long past time for us to take action to correct these problems," Clinton said. "This is also a tremendous opportunity and there are countless good new jobs to be created in the field of green energy."
Apparently Former World Bank President James D. Wolfensohn will serve as the fund's managing director and Clinton will serve as a senior adviser. Where should Clinton and Wolfensohn start spending this cash to fight these world problems?
The Internet

Submission + - Wikipedia unavailable for several hours.

crazyjeremy writes: On Friday, August 19 an abuse report of some kind was sent to Cogent. In following up Cogent noticed an unpaid IP related balance immediately internally nulled all IP addresses assigned to the 207.142.*.* block. This caused all traffic which routes through Cogent to not resolve for any of these ip addresses. Wikipedia/Wikimedia and hundreds of other sites went became unreachable. Sources say Cogent refused to enable the ip's until their billing department opens next monday and can take a payment. Cogent reenabled Wikipedia's ip's but hosts and their customers which do not have the same clout must wait or find another alternative.

How much damage can one bad site do? If a host misses one bill, should Cogent shut their customers down entirely without possibility of an immediate solution?

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