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Comment Re:To everybody bashing gaming laptops... (Score 1) 90

I myself can't even stand lugging one from the living room to the bedroom! Can't wait till there's a decent one of these:



I'd love to have it connected to the monitor of my desk and connect my slim-and-light laptop to it for gaming. Even more awesome would be the fact that one could have an enclosure and be able to even swap out the graphics card!

Comment I own one and it is indeed waterproof (Score 1) 136

I've owned a Z3 compact for a year. Best phone I've ever had. Not because of the waterproofing but due to the awesome battery life and small (in today's terms) size. But that's just by my criteria.

As other owners of the line have noted above: yes I do use it while having a bath, and I casually wash it off under tap water. Never taken it to a pool, though it has been submerged in the bathtub (though the depth would be something like 10cm). Would I try to take an underwater photo? Yes, I wouldn't think twice about it. It is possible to access the camera and shoot merely through tapping the screen. Would I use the fast-shoot button though? Probably not, I'd avoid any mechanical moving part underwater.

The USB flap is the most annoying thing on the phone. I _NEVER_ use it. I bought the magnetic cable that sticks to the side of the phone where the two charging pins are in my first week of having the phone. There is a second flap where the mini-SD card plugs, which I assume is still there, though I doubt anyone would need to use it often (as opposed to the USB port which is used for charging). I'm 100% certain that if you open this port daily it will gradually wear (it's mad of rubber I think) and lose its effectiveness.

In short, I think that the phone will do everything that is claimed in the ad, as long as it's used properly (don't forget the flap open) and it is new (flap won't help after X number of open/close cycles). So, the catch is that normal wear and tear (i.e. using the USB port flap every other day for charging) will probably break its waterproof ability.

It sucks, but they seem to have fixed it in the Z5 compact (thinking of buying it) which has a flap-less USB port that is waterproof. And even the current model has ways around it (the magnetic charging cable I mentioned, or a dock, combined with transferring files via WLAN rather than attaching it to your computer with USB).

Comment Re:Here we go again... (Score 1) 361

I agree that they're not "good" on guerilla/urban/CT stuff. Like you said, nobody can really win without being bad themselves.

But how can you say they're still good on conventional warfare? They certainly used to be, but recently (i.e. post-Vietnam) I can't say they've ever been tested against an organized and relatively modern military. Iraq? The Taliban in Afghanistan?

The closest they came were in Serbia. They didn't do too well there; rather preferred bombing mostly from Italian bases. They simply would not dare ground operations against such an organized and recently-tested (wars with Croatia) military.

I'm not saying they aren't. I'm just saying they won't do conventional warfare anymore...

Comment Even if true, one must compare with non-DST WINTER (Score 1) 388

This study seems to verify the obvious: you will use more power no mater what, if you have less daylight per day.

But does this mean that DST is useless? I don't know, but I'd say that one can not judge that based on a simple comparison of power consumption during DST and non-DST periods.

To see if DST does save power (and how much), you must compare it with what we would have consumed if DST were not in effect.

For example, in Greece (where I live), during mid-summer, it gets dark after 20:00. During the winter, even with DST, it gets dark as soon as 18:00. That's a whole 2 hours of more dark per day! Even with DST, I think it's normal we'd consume more power.

Now, had we not used DST, it'd get dark as soon as 17:00. That would be 3 hours less daylight per day. I bet we'd use even more power had DST not been in effect.

Also, how does the study compensate for the increased power demand for heating (spaces, water, etc)?

In short, make sure they're not comparing apples to oranges...

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