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Submission + - The impending dual-sim mobile phone problem

crath writes: In many countries, 2G mobile networks are due to be turned off in the very near future. This means that anyone with a dual SIM phone will effectively have the second SIM slot rendered unusable; since almost every dual SIM mobile phone manufactured to date only supports 2G for its secondary SIM card. This is a hardware limitation (I've seen some suggestions on the Internet that this is to extend battery life). I've just become aware of this issue as a result of starting a project that has me regularly commuting between Australia and Singapore; with a need for affordable data in both countries--hence, a dual SIM phone.

I'm quite surprised that this upcoming event hasn't garnered more attention in the press, because the thousands upon thousands of users who have dual active SIM phones will have them reduced to old fashioned one SIM active at a time functionality. This includes some very expensive Sony & Samsung devices currently for sale. I expect there will be an outcry from a lot of very unhappy users when 2G is switched off.

In researching this issue, I came upon the following:

What action are /. dual SIM users taking to prepare for the turning off of 2G? What phones can you recommend from 1st hand use (not just because you've read a review or spec. sheet)?

Comment MS Word (Score 1) 227

I've used MS Word for my log book for many years. I use the classic MS Word file format, not the newer XML-like format; since many programmes on every computing platform that's ever existed are able to open and read the classic MS Word file format. In addition, MS published the file format and so it's well understood and newer editors will always be able to create an import filter for MS Word files.

Comment Re:A really big tip on progressives after 20 years (Score 1) 464

Tips 2 & 3 are on the money. Progressives work very, very well for me (~-5 correction, with +2 added for the reading component). That said, I have the optometrist make the lens taller to accommodate a bigger focus area, plus I pay extra money for the lenses that offer a wider viewing area (in my case, Nikon Progressive Presio Power). I believe this makes a difference and isn't just marketing.

Comment Re:if it doesnt work (Score 2) 464

The problem with bifocals and progressive lenses is that they assume you are looking down to see close objects...

I wear progressive lenses and they work very, very well with my laptop + external monitor setup. The key is properly positioning the monitors. Yes, the monitor needs to be lower than you may have positioned it prior to needing reading glasses; but, it's really not a problem to position the laptop and external monitor to accommodate this.

Comment Re:Software doesn't really matter (Score 2) 259

You're exactly on the money!!! What's needed is a cataloging app that keeps the canonical data store in sidecar files. Picasa is "almost" there. In recent versions it writes most of its data to .picasa text files (an open data format). This provides future portability because another app can read those .picasa files and the image files to rebuild the database. Hopefully, Google will continue to expand Picasa so that it writes all info to .picasa files as well as keeping a local database current. The local database provides excellent app performance, and the sidecar files provide for future portability when Google decides to walk away from Picasa--which they inevitably will.

Comment Re:At least one CEO eats his own dog food (Score 1) 314

Anyone with a serious interest in this subject needs to read "Peopleware: Productive Projects and Teams by Tom Demarco & Timothy Lister. They present empirical research data gathered in the 1970s that demonstrates the real productivity gains to be made through housing staff in appropriate office space. Note: open offices and cubical jungles do not constitute productive environments. The numbers tell no lies.

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