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Comment Re:Check one for science (Score 1) 369

They'll get over it, when they realize we could have handed them three decades of deflationary, spiraling depression instead.

It's a little like dipping into your ten-year-old kid's college fun to pay for his heart transplant. Sure, you're spending money he was going to use in the future. But unless he's an unreasonable little shit, he'll get over it.

Anyway I probably won't have kids. Woohoo!

Comment Re:open or closed ecosystems (Score 1) 497

Here's one thing wrong with Inkscape: what you see is not what prints. There's no way to print in landscape mode short of rotating your entire image, manually, 90 degrees to one side.

Switching to landscape mode in Page Setup in every other application is sufficient to produce landscape-orientation printouts, but it has never worked in any version of Inkscape.

That's a pretty glaring failure, in my opinion.

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