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Comment barely survived MRSA (Score 1) 127

I myself spent six months in a hospital after being diagnosed w/ MRSA. Actually, I should clarify that and state that at first they treated it as a NON-methycillin resistant Staph A. infection using heavy doses of a pretty tough antibiotic....only after weeks of therapy when they found it continued to spread (I had endocarditis...and it had also spread to two vertebrae in my neck causing temporary paralysis, my knees, my lungs, was everywhere) they finally realized they had to switch to a new drug. That took 3 months to recover from and I had multiple surgeries in between. Then, as they sent me home, they gave me an additional script for levofloxin "just in case" and was advised to take it until I ran out. Well, they fucked up and filled the script w/ three times the amount required. I didnt realize this (shame on me) until I was 2/3 of the way through. By then I had suffered from serious side effects from that antibiotic (although not as badly as many people have suffered from levofloxin). I am fairly sure I didnt need that last prescription at all. And levofloxin is no lightweight antibiotic (one of the main drugs used to treat anthrax among other things) but the doctors I saw always seemed like they felt they 'had' to do 'something' and that meant writing a script. Hell, when I left the hospital after 6 months I had lost all my good lean weight and looked like shit. (Im sure the hospital food didnt help there....wasnt much protein in what I was getting) I was weak as hell and it took me 6 more months to recover at home to the point where I could actually leave the house and/or stand and move around for more than 15 mins or so. The docs surmised that I probably picked up the infection while in the hospital getting my back stitched up after it had been sliced up pretty bad. I remember thinking that they didnt seem to clean the wound as thoroughly as I would have thought....and docs went from patient to patient in the ER sometimes forgetting to change latex gloves, etc. I had to ask one doc to change his gloves before touching the wound and I remember he was not at all happy to hear that, but he complied. That infection almost killed me 3 times during that six months. But the antibiotics they used at first did nothing but compound the kidneys almost failed at one point, strain on other organs, etc not attributed to the Staph A. It sucked. I've recovered from it with just the scars on my back, legs, chest, etc where they performed surgery, but Im told my heart is as healthy or even healthier now than it ever was (Im a gym rat who seriously took to cardio after my recovery to lose the pot belly I started to get while lying in a bed 24hrs a day for 6 months) so Im pretty lucky in that sense as many people I have met or corresponded with have suffered a lot more lasting effects. Many from the overprescribing of levofloxin or other floroquinones. So any new treatment that doesnt include traditional antibiotics is a huge plus in my opinion. I also remember reading in the Boston Globe last year about a company that was producing a drug called Cubicin (sp?) that essentially worked by passing through the Staph cell wall and rendering it unable to reproduce. I havent heard anything else about that drug since, but hopefully something has come from it. -Crash

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