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Submission + - Infinity cube kits create scenes that appear larger inside than outside (

SteamboatSutton writes: Kat Moenk and Steven Sutton, co-founders of Pocket Universes LLC, recently launched a new series of products on Kickstarter for creating custom art pieces inside of infinity cubes. The cubes are made from two-way mirrors, creating the illusion that the space inside stretches on forever.

These kits are entirely open-source, with customizable animations, extra panels, and inserts. The animations can simulate weather or evolve through color combinations to bring the scenes to life. The kits include scenes made with interchangeable inserts, forests with LEDs clouds, and galaxies that appear to extend in all directions.

Comment Re:You can use any code between XCode 4 and 5 (Score 1) 336

You are missing the point. When you install an IDE update you should not lose the ability to compile your old code like you did before. If they told you, "Hey installing this will cost you thousands; perhaps you should reconsider doing this.", then I'd give them a pass. That is not what they did. They merely suggested it was an update that fixed some bugs and provided new features. I'm perfectly OK with losing the ability to sell old code through their store but I should still be able compile my code like I did yesterday without significant disruption to my business.

As for your cheap shot, I'd argue that if Apple provided an API to apply a custom image to their UISwitch that it was in fact meant to have custom images. Just because you read a website once written by some anonymous internet guy who proclaimed to understand the one true motivation of the Apple doesn't mean either of you actually know what you are talking about. APIs are meant to be used.

Happy holidays to you.

Comment Re:You can use any code between XCode 4 and 5 (Score 1) 336

Nope, this was the gold copy of XCode and so far I've only tried two projects through it and both were completely screwed up by XCode 5. For example, I'm rendering custom graphics inside the UISwitch. Well, guess what, the UISwitch is a different size now. How is that supposed to work? It cannot. You write your software, I'll write mine. The point is that the least Apple can do is allow you to continue what you were doing yesterday while you plan for a new OS. They ought not force you to stop all development and redo the entire UI of your app before you can continue writing the core functionality. Doing the layout of the app is low skill work while hiring good devs to do the complex software is expensive. If I've got my $100/hour guys on this project when Apple tells me that I need to to UI stuff I'm losing tons of money on good talent doing monkey work.

Comment slapping devs in the face (Score 3, Informative) 336

I've been a programmer for decades and I write my share of mobile apps. I write in many languages and for many platforms so I'm not married to any particular target system. I am in the middle of a project and have some beta testers running an iOS app with OTA updates using a OTA provisioning profile which is a fancy way of saying users can update apps over the air without needing to use the app store. My provision profile, a digital signature like thing, expired in November and the users needed a new version of the app to keep testing. I opened up my MacBook and it informed me that XCode 5 was available and "would I like to update it?" Sure, why not? Well, I can tell you why not. XCode 5 made software written in previous version not work! Significant rewrites needed to be done in order to do any changes and there was no option to compile for previous version. In short, an errant software update created two weeks work. Nowhere in there notice to update did it say clicking YES will cost you $10,000. This is screwed up! Backward compatibility should be available for development. If they want to no longer accept iOS6 apps into the store, that is fine. I should be able to compile old code without error by selecting the correct target device. This sort of thing actually makes their previous devices worthless because if they cannot run iOS7 then no new software can be written for them again. It is a such a waste. I am pissed at these guys.

I am able to take a previous compiled binary and sign it with a new profile so that the users are still able to work, but now even the most minor change requires a rewrite. These guys seem to forget who made them rich. It was devs making awesome software which made people buy their products in huge numbers. iTunes integration will only sell so many phones.

Comment Re:Efficient? (Score 1) 176

Quoting a friend, "Magnetic fields have to follow Maxwell equations. Aperture is defined in wavelength, so higher frequency can be more directive. Presume power only applied to the pad when a car has been sensed. Radio effects and power levels to transfer limit frequency selection, so this is still going to be modest directivity. Drive-on charging pad can't couple efficiently if the car body is metal (conductive), so efficiency will be very low."

Comment Re:an odd conclusion (Score 1) 187

I really enjoyed the article and sent it to several friends including some economists I know. I think you have a very compelling thesis and while I had an intuition about advertising and that which I liked and that which I did not I could not elucidate why. Your arguments resonate with me and the more I think about them the more they resonate. Thank you for sharing, reading it was the best part of my day.

Comment an odd conclusion (Score 1) 187

"Trying to increase relevance by turning up the creepy level is likely to increase ad blocking, not reduce it."

The entire gloss magazine business is predicated on the observation that people like to look at well targeted advertising. I think the new media companies (Google, Facebook, etc) are just copying old media and are on the right track. I don't think people really care about privacy. They vote for Congressmen who support the PATRIOT Act. They send naked photos of themselves to casual lovers over SMS. They talk about midnight cravings on Facebook. People today are more than willing to give up their privacy for a little bit of attention. Nothing to see here, move along.

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